Window, tab, session manager,viewer using two extensions to complement Vivaldi features

  • Hi, I don't know if this could ever be implemented in the browser itself but I wanted to share two extensions that can complement the usefulness of the Window panel and tab management features of Vivaldi

    I found these to be very useful

    1. Tabs pane to see all opened tabs as thumbnails, I pinned the tab using the extension and I use CTRL+1 as the shortcut as Vivaldi is currently working in configuring keyboard shortcuts for extensions

    2. Tabli, I added this one to manage tabs across windows, this one also works as a different approach to a session manager as is windows containing tabs can be saved. I added this extension as a web panel and is great to navigate let's say 3 windows and many tabs

    Here is a screenshot, the extension detects the active window and lists the opened/saved tabs, you can complement these organizing features with the awesome tab stacking that can be done in the native window panel of Vivaldi


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