Youtube controls not displaying correctly

  • I have noticed an issue with the controls of YouTube. They seem to not display correctly.

    The controls are set to auto-hide when the mouse is not moved over the video by default by Youtube. The issue is that at times the controls do not display at all but they do respond to clicks even when they are not visible ie they should be displaying but are hidden and in a hidden state respond to clicks. This can make actions such as changing the volume near impossible at times because the controls are only visible when clicking not on mouse over. They do flash up on mouse over but they are only visible for about a second.

    Anyone else have this issue?

    I use the latest version of YouTube.

    If you go to and click try latest version, I don't think it is that much different than the normal version to be honest.

    edit: OK it looks like the issue is that the youtube video mouse over responds to a video size that is much smaller and in the top left corner.

    It is difficult to describe, so i took a screenshot, the problem is the mouse cursor does not display in screenshots, so I have made an indication using mspaint on there of where it thinks the video border is (blue border) and where my mouse cursor (red circle) is.

  • @simonvr same problem. i have 2 different monitors 4k and 3440*1440. As i tested a little bit. i found that the problem is, in my case, that vivaldi doesn't recognize resolution changes if moving the Window to the other monitor. gmail is also affected! wrong highlight in changed Resolution ! correct highlight in original resolution


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