Vivaldi chronically slow

  • For about 6 months now I have found Vivaldi to be the slowest of my opened browsers (Pale Moon, Comodo Dragon being the others, also Opera on occasion) sometimes to the point of just not accessing pages at all (timeout).

    At the moment for example

    won't open at all yet in Pale Moon it takes a second or so, same with Dragon.

    I have visited this forum a few times but there never seems to be an answer to this sort of behaviour, basically always "it must be you".

    IMHO it is the task of a program to "live" with the user (as the other two browsers are doing) not the users job to cope with any idiosyncrasies of a program.

    I'd love to see that this slow/non-activity is addressed as an issue rather than queries be fobbed off as "must be you".

    I swapped from Iron some time back and was initially very impressed however if this keeps up I will have to VERY reluctantly abandon the Vivaldi project.

    Win 7 64 bit pro

    Vivaldi 1.15.1147.42 (but the problem has existed through several updates now)

    Tabs open 15....but with Pale Moon 90 odd so no excuse, as I say Vivaldi should work "my way" and lots of open tabs is "my way"

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    @a_noyed said in Vivaldi chronically slow:

    I'd love to see that this slow/non-activity is addressed as an issue rather than queries be fobbed off as "must be you".

    There is not much that other users can do to help if they cannot reproduce the issue. Even a reply like: "It works for me" is helpful because it indicates that there is some difference with your settings or hardware .You can/should search the forum for related threads, and see if there are other users with similar issues.

    Try Cleaning your profile and see if you still have the same issue.

    The Vivaldi Team members say that they use Vivaldi with a lot of tabs, which they clearly could not if your issue was affecting them. Only 15 tabs should be no issue at all, over a 100 might be expected to cause slow downs and problems with find the desired tab.

    Use Shift+Esc to diagnose which tabs are taking CPU cycles and RAM.

    Submit a Bug Report

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  • @a_noyed All chromium browsers create an individual process for each tab – this is resource intensive and there is nothing to be done about it, except hibernating tabs that aren't in use. Pale Moon is a mozilla based browser and mozilla derived browsers prior to the quantum release just run one single process for all tabs – that's far better, if you want to have every tab you would ever need open.

    It's not Vivaldi's fault and nothing will change the fact that it's more resource intensive. Either live with it, get more powerful hardware, have less active tabs, or just use an old fashioned browser. It's your choice really. But in a few years literally every browser in active development will probably have a process for each tab, it's foreseeable.

  • First luetalage...thanks for the the dim past one of the reasons I dropped Iron (I think) was that I couldn't hibernate tabs/have tabs open as a placemarker only ie opening was taking forever as it insisted all tabs be open and running. I can't comment on Firefox but Pale Moon only seemingly does the placemarker method far as I can tell. Anyway opens fast and runs well.
    Thanks for the detail on how tabs work -in my ignorance of such things I can only say that Vivaldi used to work fine with multiple tabs open and that Pesala has indicated that multiple tabs should not be the issue here

    Pesala thanks for a well written response...though I didn't want to ("damn thing should just work like the others" is still my attitude) it persuaded me to redo Defaults as you linked....and with egg on my face, perhaps, but I must reply that it has speeded up performance back to "normal". I'll sulk and say "but early days yet" LOL.

    The warnings about extensions have been heeded and I will reopen one by one as suggested. I am not a great hoarder of things (except tabs I must confess) so I really had no favs etc to restore.

    I must point out one thing that appears to be missing (or I simply couldn't hit on how get this recovered) and that is retain current tabs.

    I'll add this in case it helps some other poor soul.

    Session Manager extension is removed so that method (restore) is gone. "New" browser so there is no retention there. Google was little help until I finally found a method using bookmarks that I didn't know.

    Before you close Vivaldi that first time (next step was rename "Defaults" folder) right click on any open tab and you will have the option "Bookmark All Open Pages", do it. Take note of the name (or rename it to whatever) so you remember.

    Then as a few steps down in the instructions, reimport bookmarks. Reopen Vivaldi, open bookmarks, choose "Manage Bookmarks", in the resulting list right click the entry that you noted above and choose "Open in New Tab". Voila, restored. (I then readded Session Manager as an extension and saved them but I'm sure....) there is a setting in (Vivaldi) Tools, Settings to "Startup with" "Last Session", make sure it is checked to on.

    Thankyou both for taking the time to help


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