Bug: Vivaldi closes when one window closes

  • Basically, after using Vivaldi for an extended period of time (at least multiple hours, possibly multiple days; I can never tell because my computer is bad at staying asleep) and/or after the system wakes from sleep, if I close any one Vivaldi window, the entire application closes.
    I have "Startup with Last Session" set; the window I closed is considered part of the session, along with its tabs (usually one: the window being closed is usually doing so because I'm closing the last tab in it; this tab is restored, generally alone).

    I don't know if this is a duplicate; searching doesn't show me any results.
    I also don't know if this is Windows-specific. The nature of the bug says no, but OS differences can rarely, if ever, be counted out.

  • I had noticed this behaviour also a couple of times, but never really reproducable.
    Most of the time, it really closes only the window i wanted to close.

  • Seen that may be twice already. My guess it is because Vivaldi itself is a browser page, and an unfortunate focus placement causes the Vivaldi UI to recognize the closing gesture rather than the specific tab.
    (Yes, I only observed it with mouse gestures, but then again, I'm almost exclusively using gestures.)

  • I had this issue (with two or more V "Windows" open, closing one closes all V Windows) with several earlier versions of the Snapshot and reported it as a bug a while back... seems to have been resolved with Vivaldi 1.16.1183.3 (Official Build) (64-bit).
    Never encountered it on my Linux machines.

  • @greybeard I never had this problem until an update a few days ago (not sure which one). Since then, closing one window will, roughly 30-50% of the time, close Vivaldi completely. Mouse gestures are disabled.

  • When this happens to me, it is more likely to occur when a private window is opened and closed, as it doesn't occur many times with normal windows.

  • @rf10 My Mouse Gestures have always been "Enabled"... Though I use a laptop w/trackpad. All drivers recently updated.
    Not sure if that has anything to do with it.

  • @lonm

    This is in my case as well.

  • Same issue here, about 50% of the time, windows 7, maybe a bug because of stand by ?

  • @jejey said in Bug: Vivaldi closes when one window closes:

    maybe a bug because of stand by ?

    Never used it here, so, no.

  • This is also happening to me, and I've got no idea what's causing it. Some more details based on what others have mentioned:
    I'm using Vivaldi on a win 10 desktop.
    I've got multiple monitors, and the bug has occurred regardless of which monitors any of my windows are on (that is to say, I've had 2 windows on monitor A, 2 on monitor B, and 1 on each, and the bug has happened at least once with each setup).
    The bug can fire more than once in succession, or not at all. Last week I had to relaunch Vivaldi three times before I could close only the window I wanted. Tonight I only had to relaunch once. Yesterday and the day before I had no issues.
    I don't use private windows, and I have mouse gestures disabled.

  • @banjo2e

    I am on virtually the same setup, but I notice the bug happening when I use private windows. I normally keep all the non private on one window and the private on it's own thing in the second monitor. Close the private window and the entire program goes.

  • Happened to me too multiple times, both on my work and my personal PC.
    When I close a window on one screen, it closes all other open windows, roughly 1/3 of the time.

  • @lonm said in Bug: Vivaldi closes when one window closes:

    When this happens to me, it is more likely to occur when a private window is opened and closed, as it doesn't occur many times with normal windows.

    Same problem. If I close the private window, it closes Vivaldi entirely.

  • Not using private windows.

  • I have the same problem. I'm not using private windows. The same thing happens - not every time - when I drag tabs within or between windows.

  • Yeah this is a frequent bug on recent builds and last stable.
    This post is in the "Vivaldi browser for Windows" section, but I confirm that I often see the problem on Linux too (Ubuntu 14.04), whatever private window or not.

    I had opened a ticket on the tracker, which was closed as a duplicate of VB-36171. So I assume that VB-36171 is the root ticket for this issue, maybe a moderator will confirm this 😉

    @mbernard :

    The same thing happens - not every time - when I drag tabs within or between windows.

    However this is strange... I'm not sure it is the same issue. When you drag a tab, is it the last one of the source window ? (which would mean that this window is closed automatically, looking like the use case we are talking about)

  • Having the same issue. Annoying when I have lots of tabs open in one window, open a new window to check some things, close that one and everything goes poof! I'll be glad when it gets fixed.

  • Moderator

    I have also seen this happen on some occasions. When I open a second window, I always move it to my secondary monitor, so it's not possible to accidentally click the close button on the original window by mistake. I also don't have any recipe to reproduce it.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit •Snapshot 1.16.1195.3 (64-bit)

  • Chiming in to say I'm also experiencing this issue. Be it on a single monitor or dual monitor, when I close one V window, the others close themselves as well.
    It mostly happens when I'm watching videos in one window and browsing on another, if I close my "browsing" window, the one playing a video (youtube/crunchyroll/netflix/etc...) also close itself.
    I read other(older) threads on this topic and they suggested disabling "Strict Site Isolation", but that's already disabled by default so it's not that...

    There's also an issue where on every second "maximize" of a V window, it would leave a space at the top of the screen, but I suppose that would be for a different topic.


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