Remember last used Search Engine in Search Field

  • Current behaviour is to always reset default search engine in both address bar and search field, even when opening a new window.
    Search field should remember last used Search Engine.

  • I don't understand this request. My default search engine is Duckduckgo. If I select Wikipedia from the search drop down menu then it never goes back to DDG. I requested that this be "fixed". I'm on 1.15 (beta releases).

  • Latest is 1.16.1195.3 (Official Build) (32-bit)
    New behaviour maybe, but if it's intended, me an some others prefer to have it back, configurable in search settings, and preferably remember last used search engine for both normal and private windows.
    As of now the search field always resets to the default search engines (for example Google for normal windows, DDG for private windows) at restart and creation of new windows.

  • If the last used search engine in the Search field can be remembered even after a restart of Vivaldi, then we can always have two different engines serving at the same time. That means we can always have more than one choice without doing anything after a restart. Aren't two choices always better than one?

    Back in Vivaldi 1.5, I set the default search engine to Google. But if I once use the online Webster dictionary for the Search field, it remains there from then on. It's extremely useful for an English learner like me.

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