Pinned tabs are gone

  • I just opened up my browser and all of my pinned tabs are gone, I really need them back!!!

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    Is yours a standalone install?

    Do you know if it just updated to version 151.7?

  • Its standalone and I don't think there was update….

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    If it's standalone, you perhaps missed the update. In any event, if you rename your "profile" folder to "user data" everything should be back as it was.

    This is assuming, of course, that you are non 151.7. Do you know your version number?

  • can you please provide instructions on how to rename the user folder?

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    Only if you can open the directory where you have Vivaldi installed and read me the names of the folders in it. If I'm right, there should be 3 folders in it - Application, Profile and User Data. I don't have a system free right now I can install a standalone copy on, or I could just tell you. But exactly how you do it will depend on whether "Profile" is in a user/app data folder or the main install folder your Vivaldi program is in. I have never installed a standalone so I'm not 100% certain of where the folders reside.

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    Not what I expected. What do you see when you click on the "V" menu in the upper left, and select "help" and "about?" The folder list you just showed seems one or two versions behind, at the very least.

    The solution I proposed only applies to the very latest version.

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    Also - what you showed me was a subfolder of the "Application" folder. At the same level in the same directory as the "Application" folder should be a folder named "Profile." Is that the case? And, if so, is there also a folder at that same level named "User Data?"

  • A couple screenshots might be helpful:

    Vivaldi v1.0.142.32 and earlier standalone folder structure (Windows)

    New Vivaldi v1.0.151.7 standalone folder structure (Windows)

    If you have both a Profile and a User Data, backup up both in case something goes wrong, then rename the new User Data folder as something else (e.g., NewUserData), and then rename the Profile folder as User Data.

    If everything then works as expected, you can simply delete the renamed NewUserData folder.

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    This is a valid folder structure UNLESS the user has installed to the system drive or another folder than the install defaults - in which case the only thing you can say for sure is that "Application" and "Profile" folders should be at the same level in the same directory.

  • I believe it is the valid folder structure for any standalone installation, regardless of path (unless the folder structure is subsequently modified by altering the stp.viv file as discussed here).

    The screenshots are not quite as clear as I wanted because MS butchered Explorer in Win7 and I can't scroll the tree-view in the left panel to the right to reveal that the 2 installations are in 2 different installation folders (Vivaldi. and Vivaldi. that were specified from the installer UI at installation.

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    The file paths for the standalone I installed to get a bit more insight into this problem are c:\Application and c:\User Data. I browsed to an install location on my hard drive, but did not modify any files.

  • Ahh, now I see what you meant about installing to the system drive. So you browsed to C:\ and installed there. So that is your installation path, rather than a folder or sub-folder on drive C (e.g., _C:\MyStandalones\Vivaldi.

    I imagine we're on the same page now, but just to clarify for any other readers, the standalone Vivaldi folder structure itself consists of the same 2 Application and User Data folders (or Application and Profile folders in previous versions), whether the standalone is installed in the drive root (C:\ or any other drive) or nested any number of parent/child folders below C:.

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