Smart Bookmarking/Foldering

  • Do you have a lot of bookmarks? Do you organize them nicely into folders or just let them sit in the default Bookmarks folder, inaccessible from speed dial?

    What if you could just click the bookmarks button and Vivaldi organized it for you? Maybe it could even clip those long bookmark names and add relevant tags (e.g. news, research, video, wishlist).

    How would it, hypothetically, work?
    Most bookmarks (~95%) could easily be categorized by website. When creating a new bookmark, Vivaldi could find the folder with the most bookmarks from the same site and save it there.
    Catching the last 5% might require scripting which users could share with each other.

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    @ouroboros4545 I don't add a lot of bookmarks, as I have plenty already. However, when I add a new bookmark I add it to the desired folder and rename it, then drag it to the desired position using the Bookmarks Panel.

    If someone adds a lot of bookmarks, it is easy to sort them into folders by using "Add Active Tab" on the Bookmarks Bar.

    0_1527138043083_Bookmark Active Tab.png

    In my opinion, your suggestion would require a lot of coding, and would never satisfy anyone. Renaming bookmarks and sorting them automatically would make it a nightmare to find them again. By doing it manually they get a meaningful name and users have at least some chance of finding them again.

  • It reminded me this image.... xD


  • I always add a new bookmark into the desired folder. Then, if needed open the bookmarks tab and reorganize to my hearts content. I agree with @Pesala in that your idea is an inordinate amount of coding. FYI, I have and use a lot of bookmarks.


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