YouTube Videos Stutter

  • This doesn't happen on other browsers I use. Why do some youtube videos pause for a second every few seconds? Even at only 480p.

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    @jack9 Please tell us your Windows and Vivaldi versions.

  • Try disabling hardware accelerated video decoding. This makes Vivaldi work better with YT on my PC at home.

  • @ian-coog Should have no effect in Win unless you use W10 creators fall update or later because WebM HWA for video decoding is not supported before.

  • @ian-coog That seems to have fixed it. Thank you.

    FYI, Win7. Vivaldi 1.15.1147.42

  • @quhno I don't know about Win 10 but on my win7 32 bit Vivaldi works better without HW acceleration, I know it sounds a nonsense but it's how it is.
    I have suggested this multiple times on this forum and as you can see from @Jack9 reply, it's really working.

  • @ian-coog
    Well, disabling hardware acceleration does help, and I remember I did the same on Pale Moon awhile back (which helped), but I still get some stuttering with Vivaldi, even on 360p and 480p video, and even with nothing obvious going on in the background with Windows or other programs. Especially at the beginning, but also fraction of a second long pauses every few seconds throughout. I get no pauses when using Pale Moon.

    Vivaldi also just seems to be a lot more CPU or memory hungry. It takes a long time to open the browser, and if anything is going on in the background, the video pauses for a second or two. Opera was the same. Pale Moon opens in a couple seconds or so


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