Crack sound on launch

  • Can anyone tell me why Vivaldi makes a loud 'crack' sound on first launching each morning? Don't think it does it after quitting and re-launching during the day. Can anyone do anything to stop it? Thanks.

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    On some Macs users have such issue. But no fix yet.
    The reported bug: VB-30175 "[Mac] Sound scratch on opening Vivaldi"

  • @gwen-dragon Thanks for the quick reply - impressive!

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    The strangeness is not all Mac hardware shows this short crack sound.

  • I have the same problem 😕
    MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015)
    OSX: 10.11.6 (El Capitan)

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    Just wondering... have any of you tried launching another application that plays sound (e.g. iTunes, FaceTime, QuickTime) before launching Vivaldi to see if the pop occurs either when that app starts or from Vivaldi afterwards?

    If you search the web for macos speakers "loud pop" you'll see reports that this can be caused by other applications as well, and the only common thread seems to be that the sound occurs when launching the application right after the Mac's audio drivers initialize the sound hardware, either on startup or after sleep/wakeup.

    By the way... I'm affected by this too from time to time. However, as far as I can tell, even after looking through the Vivaldi source code, there doesn't seem to be anything in the code itself that could be triggering this.

  • @xyzzy Good point. I also experience that 'loud pop': each morning, I start my mac, Vivaldi and Itunes are launched simultaneously (last session restored).

  • I know this post is quite old but I found a workaround: in startup options set open speed dial, the crack only occurs when loading a page and starting Vivaldi at same time. It's giving up a feature but I was worried because sometimes the crack were so loud and could damage my speakers.

  • @rod750
    Glad that seems to have sorted it for you. I have always had Vivaldi set to open Speed Dial at start-up, but I still get the 'crack' sound. Safari does it too sometimes.
    I'll try the suggestion above about launching iTunes first to see whether that makes a difference. (If I remember!)

  • I don't get it each morning, rather only when bringing it up after a power failure, which is pretty much the only time my iMac is shut down.


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