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  • I found this pretty unintuitive and unwarranted - but why would a useful functionality be removed - In Chrome, right-clicking on the 3 dots gives us a nice and rich set of options, V has nothing by default ? Please tell me there is way to make it give us extension options back ?

  • @rojaviv Not really clear what you mean. What has been removed? You can activate the extensions toggle in vivaldi://settings/addressbar/.

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    @rojaviv In chrome the menu button to the right of the address bar is the application menu. Vivaldi still has that, but it's at the top-left of the application.

  • @luetage said in Extensions toggle ?:


    Right, and that does nothing but just make the 3 dots appear or disappear. Right click on the 3 dots also does nothing, unlike Chrome which shows this


  • @lonm Oh ok, got you, but the 3 dots could still have more functionality instead of being mute, right

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    @rojaviv The purpose of the dots is to show or hide the extensions. It does that on primary click. What would you additionally want it to do on a secondary click?

  • @lonm Well it could double up like the Menu button and give ready access to certain functionality instead of having to traverse all the way to the left then go through a series of menu options ? For example, chrome gives two-click access to extensions from there, in V it is 3 (once u figure out where you want to go 🙂

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    @rojaviv I suppose there might be something to that. Having the following options for the triple-dot button might help:

    • Act as the application menu
    • Act as an extension toggle, and make right-click show the application menu
    • Don't Show at all

    But this raises an interesting point, from a perspective of helping on-board new chrome users.

    When Vivaldi first starts up in a fresh profile, you have the option of customising the interface. I wonder if it would be worthwhile adding a big button to it that says "make vivaldi look like chrome|firefox", which then sets all the options and themes that could make vivaldi most closely match the functionality of either browser.

    Such as, auto-hiding the additional search box (it doesn't exist in chrome). Auto-showing the bookmarks bar (I haven't used chrome in a while, but I'm pretty sure it is shown automatically)

    I mention that, as certain editors have the ability to set themselves up automatically (in terms of keyboard shortcuts usually) to match either Vi(m) or emacs, to get people started faster.

    It might just be a small thing but I think it would help new users get used to vivaldi, and hopefully be more likely recommend it to others.

  • @pesala I am guessing you meant this ?

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