Add to Tab Stack on link right click

  • Tab stacks are something I'm trying to get my head around. It seems like a useful idea but I can't find an intuitive way to use them. The best I've managed is dragging a tab near another one and hoping it doesn't dance all over the place. An 'Open link in tab stack' on right click would make it much more usable. Another idea would be the ability to drag a link to the tab bar and have it open in another tab if in open space or add to a tab stack if dragged onto a tab. It seems to me that a new user to Vivaldi might not even know that tab stacking exists without blind luck.

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    1. Dragging tabs on top of one another is just a bit too difficult. It might be best to disable that method altogether.
    2. Ctrl + Click on tabs to make multiple selections. Then right-click to stack or tile them is much easier, but not easily discoverable.
    3. The tile tabs icon on the status bar is greyed out unless some tabs are first selected, stacked, or tiled.

    This is still work in progress, so we can expect further improvements.

    One bug I just found:

    1. Stack some tabs,
    2. The Tile icon on the status bar becomes enabled as expected
    3. Ungroup the tab stack
    4. The Tile icon on the status bar is still enabled, but does nothing. If you try to use it, then it becomes greyed out.

  • A good and quick thing to implement could be a "select tab" menu item.

    Once selected the tab would be ready to be grouped/tiled/whatever

  • In Opera 12 there was an extension that allowed you to open new tabs with the same domain into the existing stack automatically. Current tab stacking in Vivaldi is okay, but not as useful as it was in Opera 12. Allowing for auto-add to existing group would go a LONGGG way into making it perfect.

    Thanks so much for working on this project.

  • This is huge on my wishlist as well. Either:

    A. Automatically by domain
    B. Ctrl+Middle click opens in stacked tab (currently ctrl+middle click does the same thing as middle click)


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