Various problems with Vivaldi (Sync crash and extension data)

  • I started using Vivaldi (x64, latest snapshot) as my main browser few days ago with a fresh install of windows, but got this problem. Few times i managed to install few extensions (restarting the browser when i would get this error), but i now always get tthe error - "image decode failed". I also dualboot between Linux and Windows, and sync doesn't seem to be working for extensions specifically anymore: i managed to install an extension on Linux, and it doesn't sync back to windows installation.

    What may be the cause of this error? How can it be fixed?

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  • OK, i reinstalled Vivaldi on Windows. And everything was working fine. Extensions synced nicely, it seems that i can install them too. I logged in to my usual websites.
    But then i tried to open Settings again, and it just doesn't open anymore in any way. I have no idea how to fix it.
    Also Synced Tabs now show tabs from my previous installation on windows...

  • It seems that after the restart, settings now do open. But i got another problem, when i tried reconnecting to sync to get rid of synced tabs from previous Windows installation. Vivaldi on Linux (when i boot to it) now crashes every time i start it. I had to disconnect from internet and log out forcefully to stop the crashing.

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    Which error do you mean? The extension not syncing?
    Extension data/settings is/are not fully synced. Vivaldi Sync is not complete yet.

    The crash on Linux can be solved by deleting the folder 'Sync Data' in Vivaldi browser config and re-login to Sync.

  • @gwen-dragon
    Sorry, i meant the error "image decode failed" when installing extensions. I was constantly getting it.

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    @dni_r said in Various problems with Vivaldi (Sync crash and extension data):

    Few times i managed to install few extensions (restarting the browser when i would get this error), but i now always get tthe error - "image decode failed".

    How can i reproduce this? Please tell me.

  • @gwen-dragon
    That's the thing, i have no idea. At first i thought it's because of my connection to internet, but then i got to another place and the problem was repeating itself. It seemed to be fixed after reinstallation of Vivaldi in Windows, but i'll check it as soon as i can because i haven't tried installing any extension after sync and loggin in to various websites.
    The problem though is now happening on Linux Installation of Vivaldi, i am getting the same error. I use LastPass, Ublock (which i turned off in extensions page), Web of Trust and HTTPS Everywhere extensions if that helps somehow.

    Is this error documented anywhere, why it would happen and so on?

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    I cant guess why this happens.
    With which extension installs does this happen?
    Did you try to remove all extensions ans install new step by step?

    Perhaps you may report the issue but i fear it is not easy to reproduce.
    Please read How to Report a bug for Vivaldi carefully and then report the bug to Vivaldi bugtracker.

  • @gwen-dragon
    I identified that the problem is with Ublock Origin using custom dynamic blocking. I have no idea why issue persists even with turning the add-on off for the chrome web store. But it seems that it is not Vivaldi's fault. Thank you for your help.

  • @dni_r the problem seems to be blocking access to
    No idea (so far) for which (source) domain this must be accessible.

    Beware: Updates to installed extensions seem to be blocked as well!


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