Better Page Title Notifications for Pinned Tabs

  • I know Vivaldi has page title notifications where (number) pattern in title is marked with special blue icon on tab. It works great for ex. for pinned skype tab.
    Unfortunately it does not work for title changes where there are no "(1)" added to title. For ex. gmail informing of incoming hangouts chat is just "username is saying..." so if gmail is pinned tab then you would not know someone is messaging you.
    Chrome and Firefox show a blue dot for such tabs, like that:
    I would really like to get notified somehow if title of a pinned tab is changed, because right now it works only for titles with (number) in them.

  • @69bugz I second this. Currently, pinned Gmail and Hangouts tabs don't give you any sort of indication you have an unread message except for a one time sound, so heaven forbid you have your headphones off or are away from the computer when you get a message.


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