I broke my Snapshot.

  • This is arguably the silliest most inane Snapshot breakage i've yet experienced.

    1. During routine browsing, on a particular site i needed to check uBlock Origin's current dynamic filtering rules. When i was hovering the extension's icon & left-clicked it, inexplicably my finger spasmed such that my intended single-click became a really fast double-click.

    2. This immediately triggered a meltdown of uBlock Origin, which corrupted its popup display -- per pic:

    3. It should look like this [this pic is from my Stable, which has same settings as Snapshot for uO]:

    4. Given my recent adoption of the UI mod that relocates the Extension Icons down into the Status Bar, i wondered if somehow that was badly interacting now with uO, so i reversed the mod [ie, returned to standard UI, including reverting to the standard /opt/vivaldi-snapshot/resources/vivaldi/browser.html], but as per pic sadly uO remained broken:

    5. I have [several times now] removed & reinstalled the uO extension from Snapshot, AND confirmed that both [EDIT] all three of its directories vanish each time it is deleted [ie, residual corruption of the uO extension's settings themselves should not(?) be the reason uO remains broken] -- pic below shows the directories after reinstallation:

    6. All other Extensions, & all other facets of V Snapshot, continue to look & behave normally.

    7. I have deleted Snapshot's Cache directory several times between relaunches, to ensure that it cannot be the cause.

    8. I have toggled KDE's Compositor off & on several times, to no avail. I logged out of KDE then in again & relaunched V, to no avail.

    9. I fear that somehow the corruption of uO has spread beyond merely this Extension's settings into my general Snapshot Profile. To test this hypothesis i renamed my Default directory & created a virgin one, into which i installed uO, then reimported my latest uO settings. In this test uO works correctly again, confirming that my profile is corrupted.

    10. How the hell could this happen? As per initial sentence, this is arguably the silliest most inane Snapshot breakage i've yet experienced. I feel really pissed off that apparently i will now have to do yet another profile rebuild, for this silly event. However it's midnight now so will first sleep on it.

    If anyone in the other timezones has any bright ideas about the root cause of such a dumb fault & an alternative solution other than the new profile [eg, an idea of a specific profile file to target], i'd be grateful to read it once i'm active again tomorrow. Thanks.

    PS: Bloody spasms.

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    @steffie What happens if you turn off and then reenable the "I am an advanced user" settings in uB0?

  • I can confirm something similarly weird happening on Windows 7 version too, uBO 1.16.6 and 1.16.7b4, the uBO expert mode menu is painted with the right side transparent, and in normal mode it's visibly first painted large then shrunk back to the minimal size as it should.

  • @xyzzy Hi, thanks! Nice idea, but unfortunately the bad misbehaviour remains unchanged after re-enabling [after disabling it i then disabled the whole extension itself, then re-enabled uO, then re-enabled that setting]. Sob, sniff...

    I was too tired [& annoyed] last night to add this extra info to my OP, but this is another of the current symptoms:

    After each left click, the correct uO popup appears... but survives for much less than 1 second... before being replaced with the broken view per my OP pics. So, the "original goodness" is still there, trapped somewhere inside, but is being thwarted by whatever corruption occurred when my finger malfunctioned [I have now withheld the salary bonuses from the Finger Management Team, sacked that errant finger, & put the remaining fingers on notice!].

  • @ian-coog Really interesting to learn of this Ian, thanks. Sorry though that you also have the same problem. Do you know when / under what circumstances your uO broke? I assume that you like me currently don't know how to fix it [other than obviously the nuclear option]?

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    @steffie I'm still trying to break uBlock's Advanced-user mode on macOS but it looks like it requires more than just rapid/aggressive mouse clicking on the extension button. I have not seen any other reports of this problem but uB0 v1.16.6 is also still only a few days old... so it's not clear yet whether you found a new bug, or if it's a Vivaldi-only glitch, or both.

    It's too bad that the uB0 author (gorhill) does not hang out here and cannot see your screen shot. At the moment, I can only suggest filing a bug report with the author.

  • @xyzzy Many thanks. Despite Ian also seeming to have this problem, i still do not feel confident, yet, to assert if this is a Steffie Problem, or a V-SS problem, or a uO problem [or maybe sunspots].

    FYI, being the idiot i am, i have spent all morning & now into the afternoon troubleshooting this, rather than doing the smart thing & simply grasp the nettle by immediately doing the profile rebuild. By the usual process of trial & error, i have ascertained that the location of this putative corruption is ... once again ... somewhere in the Preferences file. This damn file is sooooooo fragile, & has been the source of most of my historical V breakages.

    Given my naturally pessimistic world view i take lots of backups; of V-SS before every update, & of my System weekly. Once i proved today that Preferences is the problem, i began testing my recent backups. I was very surprised to discover that the weekly system b/u i made only hours before yesterday's "uO Incident", is also corrupted wrt the uO popup. At that time i had not seen any bad behaviour, but this directly implies that my presumption of my finger spasm being the trigger for the failure, was incorrect. I have subsequently proven that my 20180513 backup is good. I am about to test the one or two assorted b/u's i have between those two dates to find the latest "good" one. Once i find that, it will become my active profile, but i will then top it up with the Session i created this morning before beginning this troubleshooting.

    I wish to goodness that Preferences was not such a fright monkey!!

  • @xyzzy said in I broke my Snapshot.:

    uB0 v1.16.6 is also still only a few days old

    When i first read your post hours ago i did not recognise the major significance of this statement. Now however i find it is central to the issue.

    uO v1.16.6 is incompatible with V-SS 1.16.1183.3 in three [3] [EDIT] two [2] of my V-SS installations... Tower, Lappy, & VM.

    Restoring my 20180513 backup is good, as i wrote above... but what i did not realise at the time was that it stops being good, & begins the same misbehaviour, within a few minutes. Huh?

    From https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases:

    gorhill released this 18 days ago

    gorhill released this 6 days ago

    Ie, my 20180513 backup has uO 1.16.4, which works perfectly. A few minutes after launching this V, the Extensions call home to mother to check for updates, notice that uO is superseded, & update it. Instantly the uO popup breaks, per my pics. Once the auto-update has occurred, nothing else i can do with that profile can salvage the situation... uO remains buggered.

    Is it possible to disable all Extensions' auto-updates in V-SS, or better yet disable AA but manually update only targeted Extensions? If so, i could try installing 1.16.4 from https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases/tag/1.16.4, avoid 1.16.6, & try again when the next stable uO version is available.

    EDIT: Oh sod it, no i was wrong about Lappy -- its SS is perfectly happy with 1.16.6. Looks like i do have to build a new Tower [& VM] profile, after all. Damn damn damn.

  • @steffie said in I broke my Snapshot.:

    EDIT: Oh sod it, no i was wrong about Lappy -- its SS is perfectly happy with 1.16.6. Looks like i do have to build a new Tower [& VM] profile, after all. Damn damn damn.

    Au contraire. Now for the silver lining to today's annoying dark cloud.

    I am sick to the back teeth of rebuilding my profile. Given that the only misbehaviour is the uO 1.16.6 pop-up, my passion to do yet another profile rebuild was... non-existent. So i decided not to, but instead to think laterally.

    I have disabled uBlock Origin, installed uMatrix, imported my very long Rules list ex uO into uM, and... it is wonderful 🙂

    Not only does the uM popup work fine, phew, & all my old Rules work well in it, but the superior granularity of uM over uO has enabled me to solve a problem i'd never been able to crack for years in uO... get it working on an important domestic media streaming site i use everyday, which in uO i'd only ever been able to make work by disabling uO on that site [aka; whitelisting].

    Cake, & eat it. Huzzah.

  • @steffie too bad I could notice this misbehaviour only on the home PC, I'm writing now from the work PC, and despite both PCs have the same Windows 7 32bit, same Vivaldi 1.16.1183.3 (Official Build) (32-bit) and the same uBO 1.16.6, the uBO window displays correctly here.

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    @steffie There's something glitchy about this uB0 release, especially with Advanced-user mode enabled. Last night, I also switched back to uMatrix.

  • @ian-coog It's puzzlingly inconsistent how the combo can be good on one pc but bad on another... you & me both.

    uM is still going gangbusters here now on Tower... so far...

  • OK, so you have done everything you can think of to repair uBO. Is it possible it not uBO?
    I have never used KDE but an wondering about it. Perhaps something in 'Preferences' of mouse/trackpad?
    Does it work on another Desktop Environment? If so, then maybe you can fix KDE from the other DE.
    I have manged to break my DE (LXDE) once or twice and was able to repair it by logging out and logging back in using my other DE (XFCE).
    If you do not have another DE get one. Having one DE is like hving one browser... if it goes kaput there may be no way to fix it. (Unless yiu still have one of those AOL Floppy Discs.) 🙂
    I prefer Cinnamon but there are many to chose from. many are both lightweight and full featured so you can get things done. Just use your favourite search engine or Wikipedia, you'll find something to suit you.

  • I reverted to 1.16.4 at home, uBO menu is now drawn correctly. Oh Well.

  • @ian-coog said in I broke my Snapshot.:

    reverted to 1.16.4 at home

    How? And how will you stop auto-update again?

  • @greybeard Thank you, but i respectfully suggest that the data i have supplied is not indicative of a DE problem.

    Furthermore it's clearly not even a Linux issue... witness Ian's home pc with Win7 x86.

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    @steffie Rather than installing uB0 from the Chrome Web Store, you can download any version from https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases and install the extension manually in Developer mode. When you install this way, updates have to be done manually as well.

  • @steffie point taken... I thought I'd mention it as I also am running both Win10, Vista and Linux Mint (x3) with V and uBO.
    I have noticed some odd issues with uBO the last while (when trying to open the dashboard it simply flashes, on the second try it opens properly) nothing like the issues you've had.
    I certainly wish you the best of luck resolving this issue.

  • @greybeard said in I broke my Snapshot.:

    some odd issues with uBO the last while

    Aha, yes, uO 1.16.6 seems to be buggy.

  • @xyzzy Oh brilliant, ta muchly kind soul. Have bookmarked those now, just in case uMatrix decides to turn on me later. That said, uM is still going well, so far...


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