QupZilla - "sleeper" browser

  • One of you knows the the open-source browser QupZilla ? He based on WebKit and Qt Framework. QupZilla features: RSS-Reader, lot's of privacy options, integrated AdBlock, theme support, speed-dial and he looks very nice. [color=#4488ff][u][url=http://www.qupzilla.com]http://www.qupzilla.com[/url][/u][/color] Started as a project in 2010: [i][quote]Background According to the project's home on GitHub, QupZilla "started mainly for educational reasons to learn Qt/C++ basics," but this software is certainly a lot more than that now. And while David Rosca, the project's founder, maintains that QupZilla "cannot be a full replacement for big browsers like Firefox (yet)," with a team of over 37 contributors and several significant version releases under its belt, the transformation from a learning project to something much more publicly usable is clearly visible.[/quote][/i] Check it out ;)

  • Looks pretty rough to me particularly when compared to the polish of Firefox. Guess it would be okay to play around with but I would never consider it as a serious alternative.

  • I've been using it sporadically for about 8 months. It has various features I like, but as time has gone by, I've used it less and less because of its lack of "detail-level" configurability… little things: like not being able to just use text-only bookmark titles on the bookmarks bar instead of icons, lack of button-ability, lack of a status bar, etc. On the other hand, with a few extensions, I've been able to make Firefox 25-27 do all of those kinds of things (apart from a few exceptions in the realm of special buttons and cookie handling). Obviously, YMMV, so I'd certainly encourage Opera refugees to try out Qupzilla - it may fit your needs better than it does mine.

  • I'm using. It s fast and usefull. But ı don t like interface.

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