What is the status of VB (=already reported bug/issue)?

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    (VB-67265) Add Mouse Gesture Command Selection Droplist Broken

    This is a bit naughty as we can no longer add new gestures. Is it fixed internally yet?

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    @Pesala Confirmed, No progress.

  • Any news about VB-64465?

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    @victorbayas said in What is the status of VB (=already reported bug/issue)?:


    Confirmed. No solution yet.

  • What is the status of VB-54428?

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    Confirmed. No Vivaldi solution yet.

  • Any updates on VB-54880?

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    @nomadic Confirmed, no progress.

  • Hello, any updates for the following?

    • VB-66566
    • VB-67750
    • VB-67753
    • VB-67754
    • VB-67758
    • VB-67759
    • VB-67763
    • VB-67764
    • VB-67765
    • VB-67921

    These aren't the bugs you're looking for

    Status of bug reports I made
    VB-43371 - confirmed
    VB-44560 - confirmed
    VB-45508 - confirmed
    VB-49006 - confirmed
    VB-49142 - confirmed
    VB-49163 - confirmed
    VB-50950 - confirmed
    VB-51056 - can not reproduce (ignore this one)
    VB-51140 (VB-48320) - confirmed
    VB-51141 - confirmed
    VB-51161 - confirmed
    VB-51162 - confirmed
    VB-51163 - confirmed
    VB-51165 (VB-51099) - confirmed
    VB-51167 (VB-51099) - confirmed
    VB-51168 - confirmed
    VB-51169 - confirmed
    VB-51172 (VB-50946) - fixed (not fixed at all, might have to ignore)
    VB-51175 - confirmed - assigned
    VB-51190 - can not reproduce (ignore this one)
    VB-51209 - invalid - Tested on 2.4.1495.12 macOS 10.14.3. Seems to be exactly the same behaviour as all the other apps on macOS (it isn't quite like the others so ask again later)
    VB-51285 (VB-51194) - confirmed
    VB-51298 (VB-50874) - tested in 2.4.1494.17, no longer occurs. (not fixed at all, might have to ignore)
    VB-51301 (VB-33963) - confirmed
    VB-51310 - unconfirmed (VB-51795 is the duplicate)
    VB-51331 - confirmed - assigned
    VB-51387 - confirmed
    VB-51408 - confirmed
    VB-51794 - confirmed
    VB-51821 - reopened
    VB-52405 - confirmed
    VB-52575 - unconfirmed
    VB-52769 - confirmed
    VB-52772 - confirmed
    VB-53060 - can not reproduce (fixed in 1546.4 snapshot)
    VB-53061 - confirmed
    VB-53064 - confirmed
    VB-53067 - confirmed
    VB-53069 - confirmed
    VB-53070 - fixed in 1554.13 snapshot
    VB-53073 - invalid - appears to be by design (try to ask again later once more)
    VB-53074 - confirmed - assigned
    VB-53406 - unconfirmed
    VB-53407 - unconfirmed
    VB-53411 - confirmed
    VB-53414 - unconfirmed
    VB-53415 (VB-52371) - confirmed
    VB-53481 - unconfirmed
    VB-53482 - unconfirmed
    VB-53483 - unconfirmed
    VB-53509 (VB-37985) - confirmed - assigned
    VB-53698 - unconfirmed
    VB-53751 - unresolved
    VB-53812 (VB-53694) - confirmed
    VB-53892 (VB-48700) - confirmed
    VB-54081 - fixed
    VB-54084 - invalid (ask again for more info)
    VB-54085 - unconfirmed
    VB-54091 - closed (fixed)
    VB-54571 - confirmed
    VB-57684 - confirmed
    VB-58992 - need to ask

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    @AltCode said in What is the status of VB (=already reported bug/issue)?:

    VB-66566 closed but now reopened for investigation
    VB-67750 confirmed
    VB-67753 unconfirmed, i could not reproduce
    VB-67754 unconfirmed,i would need a mac to test
    VB-67758 unconfirmed,i would need a mac to test
    VB-67759 unconfirmed
    VB-67763 unconfirmed,i would need a mac to test
    VB-67764 unconfirmed,i would need a mac to test
    VB-67765 unconfirmed,i would need a mac to test
    VB-67921 duplicate. please now refer to VB-63376

  • Status check please:


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    @zook said in What is the status of VB (=already reported bug/issue)?:

    Status check please:

    VB-43297 Confirmed
    VB-43298 Confirmed
    VB-43299 Confirmed
    VB-43300 Dupe of VB-46560
    VB-43301 Confirmed, but I cannot reproduce anymore
    VB-43302 Dupe of VB-33944
    VB-43303 Confirmed
    VB-43304 Confirmed
    VB-43306 Dupe of VB-50810
    VB-43308 Confirmed
    VB-43309 Closed, Could not reproduce
    VB-43310 Closed, Could not reproduce
    VB-43311 Closed, Could not reproduce
    VB-43312 Closed, Could not reproduce

  • Okaaaay what's the status of the dupes?


  • Also these are over a year old. What does "confirmed" mean, will they ever get fixed?

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    @zook Duplicates of another bug are tracked under the main bug number only, not the number of any duplicates of it. So when asking about status, you would not ask concerning your bug number but rather the main bug number.

    In this case, 46560 is confirmed, 33944 is confirmed, but can only sometimes be reproduced, 50810 is confirmed and assigned to a developer.

    Confirmed means that someone was able to test and find that the bug is a valid one, and so it will receive attention of developers when it reaches the head of the line, or when that part/aspect of the browser is being worked on.

  • May I know the status of the following bugs please? Thank you.

    • (VB-56724) Microsoft Chinese IME sometimes does not work with touch keyboard
    • (VB-58034) Saved Session does not only only save layout of tabs, it also saves changes to panel width, and opening Saved Session overwrites existing panel width
    • (VB-66507) Past Timers not reusable
    • (VB-67277) In Notes, long word/URL causes scrollbar to be hidden in Markdown View
    • (VB-67278) In Notes, un-Markdown'ed URLs are not converted into clickable links in Markdown View
    • (VB-68063) Going fullscreen in a window hides panel sidebar in other windows

    Also, I was previously told that (VB-66045) "Bookmarklet replaces the URL in the address bar" was closed as Invalid. Is there any information about what was deemed invalid about the bug? I find it hard to believe that the current behaviour is "by design" (especially since the bug had been fixed previously).

  • @Ayespy I have no way of knowing the main bug number until you tell me, that's why I followed up with those numbers.

    So out of 10 confirmed bugs, 0 of them have made any progress in a year and a half. Cool. Is there a way for me to contribute fixes myself?

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    @zook If you believe you have fixes, you may email the staff about them.

  • @Ayespy And what if I don’t have the e-mail to reply to (coz I’m not the one who reported it)? If it’s a really simple fix that just needs the bug to be looked at…?

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    @zook said in What is the status of VB (=already reported bug/issue)?:

    Is there a way for me to contribute fixes myself?

    Please contact me by Chat and i will ask a developer.

    Or you create a bug report telling the devs that is a fix for bug VB-xxxxxx.

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