One feature at a time: Making the web accessible to all

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    Ahead of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, we take a look at how we build Vivaldi to make the web accessible to all and talk about what we’ve yet to accomplish.

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    Regarding point 3 (Page Actions):
    The latest versions of Windows 10 have additional filters that go beyond what page actions can do. You can access them by:

    • pressing and holding Win+R
    • typing ms-settings:easeofaccess-colorfilter

    This has special greyscale, inversion and colour blindness filters that may help you see better across all your applications.

    Regarding point 8 (Reader Mode):
    As well as dark or light mode, you can also choose to follow the browser theme, that way you can further customise the colours to match what is best for your reading ability.

    An additional point that wasn't mentioned (Fonts):
    You can change the default fonts (even outside of reader mode) used by going to Settings > Webpages. Here you can:

    • Set a minimum font size, so you don't have to zoom
    • You can also change fonts, such as forcing a serif, non-serif or cursive font as needed.

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    Access the UI by keyboard needs much more work.
    And Spatial Navigation has some ugly issues which hinders me and other users to use it.

  • 3rd
    I remember when one of my grandfathers eyesight was nearly gone and there was not much I could do for him on Windows XP(Netscape was still alive and strong) other than the magnifier. It is great to see more accessibility features these days

  • - Ambassador -

    The full range of page zoom from 20% to 500% should be available in settings.

    Increase the Range for Default Zoom

  • I only wish I could set page actions globally - would make my life a lot easier.

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    As a Mac user, I would really like to see "Smart zoom" implemented in Vivaldi -- double-tap on the Trackpad with two fingers (or double-tap with one finger on a Magic Mouse) to zoom in; perform the same gesture to zoom out.

    I know we have "Zoom in Double" but it's not the same.

  • I think the zoom options would be more useful if they were per domain and Vivaldi remembered them across tabs and sessions. I have two websites that I need to zoom out every time I open a new tab or window and load them.

  • Moderator

    @claraangeles To get that behaviour, you need to uncheck "Use Tab Zoom" in the Webpages settings. (Something that I only learned very recently.)

  • Does anybody know, wjhere the css-files for the page-actions are stored?
    I would like to see and modyfy the Content Blocker file.

  • Moderator

    @nordlicht Vivaldi/application/version/resources/vivaldi/user_files

    Be aware though that any changes to these files will be lost after an update, so make a copy of them.

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    @nordlicht It is worth deleting any that you never use just to give quicker access to those that you sometimes might use.

    0_1526559918097_Page Actions.png

  • @xyzzy thanks for your help, that's the option I was looking for. I think it would have been useful to mention that in the article. I found the description below that option, "retain zoom level when navigating between websites", a little confusing, I thought Vivaldi would forget my zoom levels if I left it unchecked.

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