Latest update makes ugly tabs

  • I don't quite know what's gone wrong, but the latest update (1.16.1183.3, 32bit, Win7) has stopped colouring my title bar to match the webpage being viewed, and it's started colouring the tabs. The result, sadly, is a hideous day-glo-salmon pink, or a pea-soup green, etc. It's awful, and I can't find any settings that change it. In fact, I can't find the one that changed the title bar anymore. Searching for 'color' only brings up three things.

    Please, save me from the Day Glo Salmon Tabs.

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  • Moderator

    I do not know what changed for your used Theme.

    You may try this:

    • Open Settings → Theme
    • Edit your Theme
    • [×] Apply Accent Color to Window
    • Close Settings

  • Thanks Gwen-Dragon. The issue was both that Vivaldi reset my theme to the default (which is, I must say, not my style) and yeah, the option for the page to do a bit of styling was hidden behind the edit button.

    I never ran a custom theme before the update, I suspect that option's been moved... All fixed now. ^_^


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