Increase the Range for Default Zoom

  • I use V on a 4k 65" screen. and some of the pages seem too big in spite of me having set min default at 50% and I have to end up zooming out each and every time (new pages)

    Any reason we cant set default to less than that ? Other browsers dont have this restriction.

  • Moderator

    @rojaviv Indeed, why not? I moved your thread to Feature Requests and rephrased it to make it universal. Some users with impaired vision might require a default zoom of more than 200%.

    In Opera 12.18 the range is from 20% to 1,000% which I think is adequate.

    Edit: The range in Vivaldi is actually from 20% to 500% but one has to use the zoom shortcuts or scrollwheel to reach those limits.

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