Browser Closing on Opening New Tabs

  • Hello,
    since the last update when I go to open up a new tab the browser closes 80% of the time.
    can someone please help.
    Thank you,

  • Moderator

    Before you open, delete the "Current Session" and "Current Tab" in "Default" folder from "User Data" folder. If you wanna know where is your Vivaldi profile folder, just type and go "vivaldi://about", where you will find the folder place.

    Then, restart the browser and see what happens.

  • This Vivaldi version is clearly experiencing some serious bugs as there are at least 3 topics in the 3 days mentioning crashes and closing. I have experienced that myself in 2 different machines. Can't help with the solution though, other than re-installing.

  • I don't often see crashes. When I do, it may be a hardware problem. I think for most users it's a profile problem.

    Try Cleaning your profile


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