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  • I am generally very pleased with the recent improvements made to Vivaldi Webmail. However, it seems it has some built-in restrictions that are preventing me from sending certain messages which, in turn, makes me conclude I cannot yet fully rely on Vivaldi Webmail and achieve my goal of having my account here replace my one at (Microsoft).

    The problem appears to be that certain content causes Vivaldi Webmail to fail when trying to send out an email. This really frustrated me yesterday when I attempted to send a message to my mom for Mother's Day. The content was three short paragraphs plus a link to a post on my personal website at I had no connection issues anywhere else, and waiting a while and trying again did not resolve seeing the little progress circle turn and turn and turn before eventually giving the failure message.

    Perhaps a better example is that I keep a long text file of data that I occasionally update and send back-and-forth between my home email and work. Each line is very short but it has over 700 lines.

    With my account as well as other personal ones I have used, I have had no problem doing a copy-and-paste of this file's contents in order to send it to my work address. With Vivaldi Webmail, it has refused on multiple occasions to send this email in that form. It has not mattered what time of day or whether I have tried from my home computer running on Linux Mint or work with Windows 7. As described above with the email to my mother, the progress wheel turns and eventually gives the failure message.

    The curious thing is, one day I decided to try attaching the text file to the message instead of doing a copy-and-paste. When I do it that way, it goes right through. Combined with the experience I had yesterday along with other times I have been prevented from sending out a message, this makes me wonder if Vivaldi Webmail has content restrictions placed on it where it doesn't like a certain amount of text, links, signature content, or other things which causes it to refuse to send something out in the name of preventing the use of the service for spam or other nefarious purposes.

    If there are certain no-no's for Vivaldi Webmail, it would be helpful to know what they are. If this refusal to send out certain messages is not intended, I would certainly like to see the issue fixed so I can come to rely upon this service as much as I do the browser.

    I will be glad to provide any information to Vivaldi that it might need to address this issue.

  • Moderator

    I can confirm the problem.

    I sent a text file of 751 lines to my Gmail account from Opera 12.18 without difficulty. There was almost no delay at all.

    While doing that and writing this message, the same text file is still processing from Vivaldi Webmail. Finally, an error occurred.

  • Vivaldi Team

    There are no content restrictions for emails on Roundcube, but we've confirmed that there is a bug and we're working on fixing it.

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