Comprehensive Session manager and profile suggestion thread

  • I've spent a fair amount of time searching various stuff about ideas regarding Session manager but so many little fragments here and there and hard to keep track of which all of my suggestions have been sort of suggested by others or partially suggested by others or sort of partially suggested by others. Suffice to say, Session manager as it is now is very lacking. Combining this into a single list is necessary too since much of this depends on other parts.

    To start off the list. It should be at least as good as the Session manager addon that worked with Firefox before the big change around version 57 or so? There is a replacement addon by the same name for the new Firefox, but its horrible by comparison. So these ideas aren't original, just basically telling you how that Session manager did it and asking for it to be replicated here. BTW, if I can find the right page, would an old Firefox addon like that work with Vivaldi?

    1. When you go to save a session, it shows you all the currently saved sessions. If you click on one of the current named saved session, the new session you are making gets that name autofilled in the name slot, and upon saving, saves over the older one. If you change the name slightly, like adding a 2 for example, it does not save over but just makes a new one.

    This is super important. It's a session, if your researching a purchase or whatever the session is about, you must be able to save all the new progress. But having to type out the name each time is a hassle, and so is having to delete each old save after, and you got to spend a moment trying to figure out which is the older save.

    1. Whether saving or loading, it brings up a list of windows and tabs below the window. Each window and tab had a box you could check or not, they default to checked. If you change the check next to the window, that changed all the checks next to the tabs under that window to the same. You could also collapse all the tabs of a window in the menu and expand it back out again. Of course a box choice of whether you want these to replace or go along side current.

    2.b I would add to this a box that if checked would make for only current window and all its tabs to be saved and the ability to shift tabs between window listings and the ability to rename the session.

    This extra level of control is super useful and only adds one extra click to saving and loading since you don't have to mess with any of it if you just want it how it is

    1. Autosaving to a session.

    Can't really comment on this one too much since I never used it too much or got an idea how it worked. It was also restrictive in that a session needed to be made autosave upon creation. I don't believe you could switch sessions between being of the autosave variety or not. But I think if implemented here it absolutely should be able to change a session from autosaving and back again.

    Now to ideas not copied from old Firefox Session manager. (aside from 2.b which was also newish I think)

    1. Session manager default available. Now there might be some way to add session manager to the bar along with bookmarks etc. but looking through stuff, it isn't simple. Session manager stuff shouldn't be buried under two to three other menu trees. By default these sessions to save and load should be as accessible as bookmarks are.

    2. Save over hotkey save. Combining with 1. and 2., especially 1. If you have have saved a session at least once, giving it a name. Every time you press this hotkey, it saves over the previous session automatically. Perhaps a temporary copy of the previous version is kept in case it was an accident. Deleted after a few minutes or something. Combined with a 3 you could check/decheck and change save time frequency.

    This makes have a web browsing experience that is very quick to preserve.

    1. Optionally, each session could have its own unique search history and bookmarks. Maybe even remembering which addons were enabled on which page, password, cookies, autofill, etc. This way you never have to worry about bookmark clutter again. And makes for that research into your perfect DIY computer part purchase very easy to manage.

    6.b Perhaps a master bookmark list, where bookmarks can be set to exist and be shared among all profiles.

    1. Further folding of stuff. There could be optional lockable user profiles that Stores it all separately. So if you got multiple people using a computer, each person could use all these revised Session manager stuff of their own private making, and keep it separate and private.

    Probably pretty useful for multiuser household.

    1. being able to grab a user profile or Session manager, each a folder and folder within a folder that can simply be picked up and moved to any other instance of Vivaldi, like say you had a new device and you wanted to port it all over. Just drag and drop.

    Sure, all this stuff would make for more storage space required. But I'd think it would only take up more space if you used it, more you used it, the more space it would take, I'm sure this minor amount of extra space would be nothing for those using it. And it won't effect those not using it too much.

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    @truepurple said in Comprehensive Session manager and profile suggestion thread:

    Combining this into a single list is necessary too since much of this depends on other parts.

    Only one wish per thread should be posted in the Feature Request forum.

    • Search to make sure the feature you have in mind hasn’t been requested already. Duplicate requests will be deleted by the moderators.
    • Upvote features you like.
    • If a feature hasn’t been requested, start a new topic. Post only one feature request per topic.
    • Choose a clear and concise title for the topic and describe the feature in more detail in the body of the post.
    • Discuss requested features under each post.
    • Check tags such as “Done”, “Pipeline” and “Duplicate” for status of features.
    • Offensive language and ALL CAPS posts will be deleted.
    • Full instructions on searching and requesting new features can be found on this help page.

    Feature Requests for Sessions

  • How do you define "one wish"? Any suggestion like this is bound to have many components.

    Like number 1 for suggestion.

    Make a thread for when you go save a session, it shows you all current saved sessions.? Ok fine.

    Make a thread for, "if you click on a saved session, the new session you are making gets that name autofilled in the name slot"? People would be like, "click on what now?"

    Make a thread for saves of the same name overwrite old save? OK I could see that being stand alone.

    Make a thread for if you change the name slightly, it makes for a new save? People would be like, that is how it is now.

    Depending on how you expect the break down and new thread, this could become a hundred threads or something, and be totally incomprehensible and useless. So how do you want me to break it up? Please give me some guidelines here.

    As I said at the top. Many of these depend on the others, they are connected. How am I to make some of them make sense in separate threads, no matter how I break it down?

    Also,. I said I searched. It's not easy to find, I got no idea what search perimeters to use to find some of this and have no time, energy or desire to spend hours pouring through old threads and trying to figure out if they apply. And what if you find a suggestion that's sort of alike, you want me to post a new alternative while resurrecting an old thread?

    All in all, I find you are being very unreasonable Pesala. Not just to me, but for the basic function of developing this browser too. You're reason/logic makes things more difficult for everyone else too, not just the suggester.

    Stuff in bold I am actually asking here.

  • And what if you find a suggestion that's sort of alike, you want me to post a new alternative while resurrecting an old thread?

    I wanted to just edit mark this sentence in bold along with the statement on the bottom that all stuff in bold was actual questions being asked. But for some bizarre reason the website is telling me it is marking it as spam and rejecting the edit. How annoying and absurd.

    You say you want me to search, but what if I got no idea what search parameters to use? If I make some effort and guess at search parameters and the first 20 threads aren't related, may I just go and post it without anyone getting mad or moving my thread out of suggestions because someone else already made a thread that is sort of alike?

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    @truepurple said

    How do you define "one wish"?

    List Existing Sessions on Save Session
    The description explains how it would work.

    Also,. I said I searched.

    It is easy to try one or two more search terms if the first does not give satisfactory results. Sessions works fine. You can also be more specific by searching for an exact expression by including it in quotes: "Sessions Panel"

    And what if you find a suggestion that's sort of alike, you want me to post a new alternative while resurrecting an old thread?

    Just comment on the existing request.

    All in all, I find you are being very unreasonable Pesala.

    I did not make the rules. Team Vivalid set up the new Feature Requests forum and made the rules listed above after much discussion.

    It takes a lot of my free time to mark and delete duplicates when users do not search before posting, or do not follow the rules as laid down. One thread with eight requests is useless for voting purposes.

    The spam filter is sometimes a problem. Later, when you have more reputation points to your name, you won't have to wait so long between posts.

  • How do you define "one wish"/one request? How much are you demanding I divide something with multiple components? Linking to a thread with a single sentence in it doesn't explain anything unless you are saying I should give each component/sentence it's own thread?

    And you didn't answer my question, if I search and don't find it. Even if it exists, you won't have problems? How much do you expect me to search? If it's going to be like this, you guys should have a comprehensive list of suggestions. A thread that links each and every suggestion ever made in a orderly way. That should make things easier for everyone.

    How am I to make some suggestions make sense in separate threads when various aspects of one suggestion depend on and are explained by another? You didn't reply to this at all.

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    @truepurple As you have questions i contacted our Community Manager @jane-n to help you in making Feature Requests.

    On the rules for Feature Request can be found

  • None of that answered my questions (or says much of anything for that matter), if those pages did answer my questions, I wouldn't have asked in the first place since I did read at least one of those before first posting my suggestion

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    @truepurple I pinged her to contact you here, please have patience.
    She may explain it better to you than we can.

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    Hey @truepurple!
    ​​We appreciate that you've taken the time to put together such thorough feature request. Most people don't put as much work into a feature request as you have. They have more general or smaller requests and in that case the rule "one wish per thread" means that you shouldn't put requests for bookmarks, themes and keyboard shortcuts into one post.
    But even with more elaborate requests like yours, it's necessary to divide them as much as possible, so it's easier to work with (for devs, mods and users). It won't always be easy, but we should at least try. First, by searching existing requests and if they're similar enough, by upvoting them and by leaving comments. Often, there's more than one way to implement a user's wish and maybe your suggestion makes more sense to the devs than the OP's original request. When starting your own topic, you can use tags and add links to connect topics.
    Also, if we start working on, for example, the Session Manager feature, then everything you've requested won't be implemented all at once. We might start with the autosaving option, and if it were a separate request we could mark it as done once it has been implemented, but what should we do with a thread where it's only 1 out of many?
    Another reason to have separate requests is that other users might agree and want to see only one aspect of your request being added to the browser and when they upvote your whole topic, the team is none the wiser about which part of this request is most important and should be considered first.
    I hope this gives you a little more insight into how we'd like the feature request forum to work.

  • TY for your help Jane, that does help some. But I still have questions.

    So say if I divided this topic into 8 like my numbers, would that suffice?

    How much searching and not finding do you expect before I can just make a new thread figuring there is no similar topics?

    How do mods even know a topic is redundant if there is no master list of suggestions? If there is such a thing, would you folks please make it public? If there isn't, does suggestions like that of a master suggestion thread with links to individual suggestions, also belong in that same forum?

    What if a suggestion is sort of similar, but also pretty different too? Or really vague where one could suppose part of the suggestion could fit in it. Also it seems like it would be a shame if a detailed suggestion was buried in a thread where the first post is vague, detailess, brief. It might make things more difficult for people too perhaps?

    Also, what if your version of an existing suggestion is different enough that some might like one version over another, how does one know how to figure the upvoting? I mean if there are 15 upvotes for Original Post and 16 upvotes for a different version posted as a reply, is that 31 votes altogether with the second one being given priority?

    Check tags such as “Done”, “Pipeline”, “Duplicate” and “Will not do” for the status of requested features.

    So what do I make of a suggestion like this that has no such tags despite being made four months ago?

  • Does this forum have a PM system? If so, how do you use it/where is it? If not, how does one send a message to someone? For example jane.n to let her know that there are more questions to answer.

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    @truepurple Visit a user's profile by clicking their forum name, then open the menu from the three vertical dots icon to continue a chat with them.

  • She still hasn't replied, can someone else please answer or would you please send her a message again? Are you sending her the message the same way?

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    @truepurple I pinged @jane-n to coem here.

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    Hi @truepurple,
    I apologize for not being able to reply to you sooner.

    • Yes, dividing the request the way you've done is good.
    • We don't expect you to spend hours on searching and reading through all the feature requests (FR) on the forum. Giving search a few tries with different wording is already enough and can minimize the moderators' workload. If you don't find anything matching your idea, of course post a new FR, but be ready to get a reply from one of the moderators, saying your post is a duplicate and a request to vote and comment on an older FR.
    • Many of the moderators are also Sopranos, who have some inside information about what we're working on and can make decisions based on that.
    • If you see that there is a similar FR already, but your idea is different enough to have it's own post, then you can start a new topic, but add a link to the other FR and explain how yours is different.
    • If there are multiple requests that all have many votes then it's up for the dev team to decide, how they implement a feature.

    We know that this kind of feature request system isn't perfect but it has gotten better and if we find a better solution we'll, of course, try to implement it.


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