Any caveats about using snapshot as main browser?

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    After initial testing of functionality, I'm thinking of going full time with the snapshot, to see how it behaves with normal use. Is that a bad idea for any reason?

  • I am always on snapshots, I prefer to have always the latest fixes, stable release lasts few days then a new snapshot is out already, pratically stable can be skipped altogether 🙂

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    @ian-coog That works for me! 🙂 Thanks.

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    @joelyoung Important to bear in mind though, is that in addition to the latest fixes, you also get all the latest bugs.

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    @lonm Yes, but that's part of my using the snapshot version, to test and report bugs & stuff. I don't imagine any showstoppers would come up; just annoying stuff that can be tolerated 'til the next fix.

  • @joelyoung said in Any caveats about using snapshot as main browser?:

    I don't imagine any showstoppers would come up

    Well, that has to be a personal judgement. A few people have reported "showstoppers" with features/usage that I never encounter because I have a different usage/need.
    (E.G. Docked/Undocked Dev tools).

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    @tbgbe Yes, of course. My browsing habits/needs are such that it's unlikely any showstoppers would come up. My previous statement wasn't intended to apply to everyone, for the very reasons you mentioned.

  • @tbgbe most of people that use the word showstopper are actually whining because they can't use ONE feature, when Vivaldi is well packed of many other features.

  • @ian-coog

    most of people that use the word showstopper are actually whining because they can't use ONE feature

    Teehee, & let's not forget those occasional poor benighted souls who pass through this forum whose world is upended when V doesn't open their 573.1 tabs in 7 picoseconds. Oh the horror!

    To @JoelYoung -- i've used V as my default browser since Feb 2015, & for the great majority of that time that default has been Snapshot. Yes there have been a couple of times when some bug proved too arduous for me to bear, so i merely copied relevant parts of my profile to Stable & used that daily for the week or so it took before Snapshot came good again. I stress though that these times were very few... for the vast majority of the time i find Snapshot to be wonderful.

  • And if you want to use snapshot without risking too much you could disable autoupdates if any "showstopper" is present in the next update (usually marked as "known regression") and looking in the snapshot threads, of course.
    But as you are interested in test, go with latest and report 😛
    Most of times regressions/bugs are not severe.

  • I started using snapshots because I wanted Sync. They were stable enough for me to keep using them, now on 1.16 and all seems OK. At least for me, as long as they don't break Sync and expose/lose my data, all is good. Hopefully there's some valuable info extracted from those of us running the Beta.

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    @t0yz Exactly, having sync was my reason for finally using snapshot. I also like to test software, and to me it was redundant/tedious to switch back & forth from stable to snapshot and back again, so I figure the best way to test is under real world conditions.


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