Direct "chrome" address for settings differs from "vivaldi" address

  • I wanted to enter a domain for notification blocking. Under most Chromium browsers, the direct link would be chrome://settings/content/notifications, and that takes you to a list of the sites that are currently blocked or allowed.

    However, using the vivaldi equivalent, vivaldi://settings/content/notifications takes you to the standard Settings/Notifications page, which lacks the ability to specify how to treat individual domains. This seems like an anomaly.

    Ironically, once you load the chrome://settings/content/notifications page, the url converts to the vivaldi version, but the page content remains as it is under Chromium.

    I'm on version 1.16.1177.5 (Official Build) snapshot (64-bit), MX Linux 17.1.

  • @paul1149 That's no bug, that's just how it is. If you want to use some additional options from chrome settings, you gotta access them like this. Best to just make a bookmark or speed dial entry with address chrome://settings.

  • @luetage Ok, thanks. I didn't know that. :) Maybe a link to the original settings on the Vivaldi Settings page would be a good idea?

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    @paul1149 Not really. The developers are trying to eliminate that page ultimately.

  • @ayespy Eliminate the original settings page? Or replace it? The granularity of the Notifications settings page is a good and necessary thing.

  • Indeed, if the internal Chrome settings page is going to be removed, a native Vivaldi replacement setting page will be needed anyway. It would be best if everything will be in the normal alt-p settings page.

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    @paul1149 Replace it.

  • @ayespy Good :)

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