Cannot use bookmark bar tabs to refresh page

  • Although a minor grievance, I have noticed that you are not able to refresh a webpage with it's bookmark bar icon. It can be used to OPEN a page, and refresh it if the URL has changed in any way [javascript etc], but with say, a new website, I scroll to the bottom reading headlines, and I generally go to it's bookmark bar icon and click it to refresh the page This does not occur in vivaldi...although I feel like it did before at least around 3~ snapshots ago. When a webpage is already open to the URL that is contained within the bookmark bar link, the icon simply doesn't respond and the page remains precisely where it is, and even right-clicking the icon and selecting "open" does nothing.

  • Moderator

    In Win 8.1, Vivaldi ver. 151, shortcut on bookmarks bar does refresh page for me.

  • Why not just use the refresh button ? the circle with the arrow next to the home button.


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