Large Tab Previews

  • I'm not talking about just a thumbnail, but a fully blown up tab preview like they have in Opera would be very nice.

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    If you mean to display the page itself as a full preview, would it not be simpler to just switch to that tab?

  • Similar to Option to Display Tab Temporarily by Hovering its Thumbnail

    This is how big the Tab Preview is in Opera on a 1200x1600 maximized window. It is centred in a black tab.

    0_1525970863477_Large Opera Thumbnail.png

  • @cheve11e_191 Yes they are the thumbnails.

    Rather than displaying a small thumbnail, Vivaldi can display a much larger preview. When you click on the preview, you just go to the page but if not then you just revert back to the original page you were on the whole time.

    If there are Opera users here, they would know this feature quite well.

    It is actually quite amazing how useful it is.

    I still use Opera as my secondary browser to Vivaldi. I mostly use Opera for video and streaming because I think they handle that a bit better at the moment.

  • @pesala Yeh that sounds right.

    Should be an easy one to add to the pipeline really. I don't think it would be incredibly difficult.

  • +1 as option.

    I think this feature might break stacking function when enabled.
    So unless the stacking thumbnails GUI is revamp i don't see both can work together.

  • I would be concerned about memory use. That thumbnail is 1.11 Mbytes.

  • @dude99 I would much prefer stacking than this. if it breaks stacking then that isn't good.

    But I would have thought that enlargement of the thumbnails would be ok. What would the difference be?

  • Or an other way to do it: this other request 😉

    But I agree, I would loooove much larger previews.
    This is a personal taste, but for me, current previews are totally useless.
    They are really too small to be able to differenciate quickly 2 tabs. And if the tabs are from the same website / domain, it is sometimes even impossible.

    The way the current "Opera" does it, or even better "Brave", is really more clever IMHO.
    The only issue is with the tab stacks: how to displays the full previews in this case, when there are multiple thumbnails to display?

    Maybe we could do a mix of both ideas/requests:

    • a full window preview for normal tabs
    • a small thumbnails preview for tab stacks, with a a full window preview when hovering the thumbnail

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    @guilimote My own preference is not to have screen-covering previews. When Opera introduced them, I hated them, and I hate them still. But then I also do not have any trouble using the thumb-sized ones. I suppose some think them a benefit. I find them a hindrance.

  • @Ayespy
    I think that the small thumbnails are not more effective than the favicon you already see on the tab: at first glance, I only guess the website, but don't differentiate the content if 2 tabs look like each other. Moreover, they are slower to use than the favicon (need to hover the mouse on the tab and wait for a predefined amount of time). So I don't get the real use case of these thumbnails.

    But anyway, I agree this is personal point of view, and that some other people like you are happy with the current status. I would just like this kind of feature (bigger preview) to be an existing option. 😉 (And a mix with thumbnails for tab stacks, as explained here-upper)


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