RealPlayer fails

  • If Realplayer works with Chrome, why it doesn't work in Vivaldi?

  • What doesn't work exactly? Real Player is a standalone program, not a browser extension IIRC.

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    RealPlayer has no plugin for current Chromium browsers.

  • @gwen-dragon Chrome is not a Chromium browser?

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    @oliveira56 Chrome is Google's browser with more features than other Chromium-related browsers.

    You did not tell us what means: "works with Chrome, why it doesn't work in Vivaldi"

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    Chromium is partly based on Chrome. Chrome is proprietary while Chromium is open source.
    Chrome is not based on Chromium. It's the other way around.

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    @para-noid It's neither. Google released the majority of their Chrome code in 2008 (which they had developed from WebKit, a code base they had nothing to do with originating) under a BSD license, to initiate the open-source project, Chromium. In the meantime, they continued to develop Chrome as their own proprietary project. For the last ten years, a large open-source community has continued to build Chromium, and the largest member (and manager) of that community continues to be Google. But Google now takes the entirety of the Chromium code as developed by the open source community, and forks it to make Chrome. they continue to have their own proprietary code sections, codecs, plugins, etc., which they do not share with Chromium. But the current method of working guarantees that Chrome and Chromium are inter-operable, and the code of the latter will never diverge far from, nor be as functional as, the proprietary Chrome. At the same time, Google gets to benefit from tens or hundreds of millions of dollars worth of free labor annually to build the Chromium browser, which they get first look at and final approval as to inclusion of commits, and which they then get to intake into Chrome (making Chrome a Chromium-based browser) and patch and modify to their liking, with a much smaller (probably just two or three hundred) development team than would be required to build the corpus of the Chromium code on which they so heavily rely.


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