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  • About 3 months ago I changed some things in my life. One of those things was acquiring a 9 year old laptop for some basic computer tasks. What I needed was a portable computer that could do basic word processing, spreadsheets and do extensive web browsing. An old Dell M4500 fit the bill except Windows 10 was a bit much for the old machine. I discovered Linux Mint, Google Chromium and Libre Office and thought I was good to go. Then a few days ago I found Vivaldi. Vivaldi did everything Chromium did but I love the notes feature, which other browsers do not have. There are applications out there that are better at organizing notes and web pages and such but nothing as convenient as what Vivaldi offers. I will admit to not being a "Tech Geek" but with high school being 32 years ago I do embrace technology when it can make me more productive. Entering higher education (I am finishing my bachelors degree) at this stage in my life meant learning how to learn all over again. To add to that I tried to control the expense of this adventure the best I could (9 year old laptop and a more portable Chromebook). Learning is different now with laptops and chromebooks and the internet so I had to learn how they were used first. I am new to the Vivaldi browser but I like the fact that it is like a mini OS (think chrome) complete with calendar, email and note taking side bar, everything you need to organize an academic life without cluttering your personal and professional life. I realize I am probably a minor demographic here but it just seemed to fit perfectly for everything I needed.

    I will admit right out of the gate I had trouble establishing an email and getting things signed in. I thought I would email the support people and when they didn't answer continue my search for something better or go back to Chromium and just deal with what I had already. To my surprise not only did they answer quickly they explained the problem was with yahoo and they had encountered it before. Not only that, they went ahead and fixed everything so the next day I logged in and off I went. As a newbie with a limited digital footprint I think the homepage could do a better job of "getting started" and a youtube link should be prominent front and center. When I was looking at browsers there was nothing selling it to me that I was interested in. If it were mine I would promote the features and then talk about the reasons it is a good browser. There is a lot of talk of privacy, protection and speed in browsers today. I believe part of Googles success is packaging everything together to create an environment for people who actually need to get things done quickly, can do so. Vivaldi offers some of the same things plus some things slightly different that I am sure others will find an advantage too. I have shown this unknown browser to 3 of my associates and all have switched.
    Well enough rambling, thanks for producing something that I didn't even know I needed but will be used daily for the foreseeable future.

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    I went back to the opening screen and scrolled down and did notice that the feature set is actually well documented. I would love to be able to explain how I missed it the first run through but I cannot. The welcome pages after you load Vivaldi up are more memorable with links to the YouTube video, help pages and forum boards. Possibly I was searching and researching so many I lost my notes on the browsers......Too bad the browser I was using didn't have a note taking side bar!!!

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    Welcome to the Community. Here are a few links for your bookmarks that you may find useful:

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    Welcome, and yes, Vivaldi is certainly a browser as atypical as great with features that is not found in any other browser, that falls in love from the start, although it still has some secondary deficiencies (Sync, compatibility with some videos, etc.).
    The ability to personalize is certainly unheard of, it even supports animated images (gif and webp) both as a background and for appearance

  • Thank you for the links. I am definitely enjoying the learning experience. The browser is one of those classic "you didn't know you needed it until you have it" sort of things. I am getting better using it but the user interface is different enough that a more casual user may not like it. Opening tabs for instance is different enough that coming from any of the other "main" browsers you probably feel a little lost. I will post back after I have had a more time to explore and customize Vivaldi. Thanks again.

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