Duplicate tabs when opening link from bookmark bar

  • I just updated to the latest (1.16.1177.5) and I am noticing some strange behavior when selecting a bookmark from the bookmark bar. I searched the forum but I didn't find any posting regarding this behavior.

    Upon selecting a bookmark, the bookmark is opened in two new tabs as opposed to a single new tab.

    The behavior is consistent with any bookmark in the bookmark bar. I can single click on the bookmark and duplicate tabs are opened. I can middle click on the bookmark and duplicate tabs are opened.

    The behavior does not occur when opening a bookmark from the bookmark panel, though. So it seems to be specific to the bookmark bar.

  • Moderator

    I checked this on my Windows 10 x64 1803 with Snapshot 1.16.1177.5, can not reproduce you issue.

  • Strange enough, looks like another restart of Vivaldi has corrected the problem.

  • I think you would be better off posting this issue in the corresponding snapshot thread as the devs seem to respond in there more

    And if you can easily reproduce this behaviour, file a bug report


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