Fix for Reddit video freeze – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.16.1177.5

  • Vivaldi Team

    In today’s snapshot we fix a long standing freeze that Windows 10 Reddit users encountered.

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  • Moderator

    Finally! Thanks a lot for this fix. I heard a lot of work has gone into fixing this issue so grats on finally getting to the bottom of it.

  • Are you sure the extension action icons are fixed in address bar? Because they are indeed 16px now, but in case of an extension I wrote, the 48px icon is used and downsized by the browser – instead of the 16px one I provide in the extension. This doesn't really make sense. I'd appreciate any input concerning the process how Vivaldi chooses the icon from the extension.

  • @luetage: Noticed that too...

  • Thanks for the update! here are my findings:

    1. After first testing, it looks like the horrible runaway vertical scrollbar bug has been eliminated (not
      mentioned in changelog). That would be amazing!!!

    2. Inverted favicons in dark themes (VB-39657)
      I can't see the difference. I have the dark theme but the favicons don't change. Neither in the tabs,
      nor in the booksmark panel or in the booksmark bar or in the booksmarks settings.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @rhk: The inverted favicon fix was for internal favicons, like speed dial etc, that would turn up purple.

  • @aronand Thanks for the clarification.

  • where is the redmond theme?

  • @rtransformation: Oh i see, changed name to "Vivaldi"

  • Moderator

    @rtransformation That is a red Vivaldi theme now.

  • @gwen-dragon: thank you

  • After installing the latest update, it appears the Sync servers were either a little slow, or my connection to them was. As a result, the browser was basically useless until sync finished. Maybe some sort of graceful exit if Sync is taking too long would be a good idea for the next version.

  • Thx for the update! However, I had some serious problems to even start the browser after installing the new update. I have no idea what happened but I simply hit the icon and then the whole program crashed after a few seconds no matter what?! Is it only me or is there anybody else with similar experience? Sync literally saved my ass after clean install with full installer file....Very odd problem. I can't recommend installing this update at all! (seems to work only with full installer)

  • I have been having this issue since one or two snapshots ago. Whenever I press the volume control keys on my keyboard (volume up, down or mute), Vivaldi opens a new tab with Crunchyroll. I have no idea why this happens, or even why it opens Crunchyroll in specific, but it's annoying me to no end, since I have to change the focus from Vivaldi to anything else to be able to adjust the volume.

    Already reported, but is there anyone else having the same issue?

  • Moderator

    @aerogems: Please elaborate "useless". It works fine here even while Sync is having trouble.

  • @yamiryuuzero I reported a similar bug with the Broken Link Checker extension.

    (VB-39956) This PC Multi-media Key Runs Broken Link Checker Extension

    Do you have any extensions installed? Try disabling them all, then re-enable them one-by-one.

  • @pesala: I've noticed this with one of my extensions: Autoplaystopper. When I press the volume keys on my keyboard or the calculator button, then the Autoplaystopper menu is displayed (as if you clicked on the icon). The buttons do work and lower, increase, mute or bring up the calculator, but they also interact with Vivaldi for some reason (I haven't linked them to Vivaldi; haven't done anything to them).

    I've noticed that when I disable the extension, then I got some box type floating window with no borders saying

    "Your file was not found It may have been moved or deleted. ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND"

    after pressing the buttons. Re-enabling the extension seems to fix the issue, but once you restart, you're back to how it was.

    I thought it was some issue particular to the extension, but the file not found thing makes me think it's directly related to Vivaldi.

    Running the 32-bit snapshot of Vivaldi on Windows 10 (64-bit).

  • Moderator

    @yamiryuuzero said in Fix for Reddit video freeze – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.16.1177.5:

    Already reported

    Plaese let me check and tell me the bugreport number your bug report has got?

  • It seems the hanging focus that was introduced with the previous branch is even worse (for me) now. I can not trigger a hover on my overlay panels from a webpage, they only respond if focus was on a UI element. Then the focus on those elements is not released on mouse over but must be released by selecting a web element.

    The 1.14 branch nor any previous branches had this behaviour.

  • @an_dz A couple of different things happened.

    The first time I restarted the browser, right after installing the update, it showed all the tabs, but they were inaccessible, and the cloud icon at the bottom had the three dots in it.

    So I force closed the browser and reopened it, which resulted in the same thing. I right clicked on the taskbar icon, and used that to open a new window, which worked... eventually, but then I couldn't do anything with the window besides open the settings window, where the sync status page said that it was still loading the data. Then I went to do something else for a couple minutes, and when I came back, Sync had apparently finished and I could use the browser again.

    I'm on Windows 10 1803, using the 64-bit version of Vivaldi.

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