Find In Page automatic re-find when browsing additional pages.

  • I would like to automatically search using Find In Page as additional web pages are visited. Right now, when the Find In Page is shown, and I'm searching for the same word(s) on consecutive web pages within this community, for every page, I must click inside of the text field and hit Enter to get it to search again. It doesn't automatically search on a new page. Thanks.

  • @seeley Don't post questions on the feature request forum.

  • The feature already exists. Use "Find Next"

    The default shortcuts are F3 and Ctrl+G.

    Each tab can have it's own find in page text string, but if you have not yet entered one for any tab, the last used search string will be used. The Find in Page toolbar opens and the string is searched, and highlighted if it exists.

    Searching automatically without issuing any command on switching to another tab, or opening a link in a new tab would not be good behaviour.

  • @pesala

    Ah HA! Thanks so much! I'm so accustomed to other browsers. The more I find with this browser, the more I like. Thanks.


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