Constant freezing

  • When I use Google tools (gmail, hangouts, calendar, etc.) Vivaldi freezes every few seconds – what I mean is that as I type, the typing stops, the cursor disappears and I have to wait a moment, then click where I left off to get the cursor back... What's up with that? Here's my info: My computer: Mac OS X 10.9.5 Vivaldi (Developer Build) Revision 43f4fbf5070d8e8836b0b95209cdce919fde9520 OS Mac OS X Blink 537.36 (@2c4eb9b03dda59544bfe6f10f994c66411cf41c7) JavaScript V8 Flash

  • Your first post, so welcome! πŸ™‚

    There have been numerous Developer snapshots since Technical Preview 2 (v1.0.118.19). Try updating to the most recent Developer snapshot.

    Vivaldi is developing rapidly and there have been numerous bug fixes and feature improvements since TP2. Developer releases have generally been as stable, if not more stable, than TP2.

    Follow the Team Blog for weekly updates (usually on Mondays) and occasional mid-week updates.

  • Thank you for the reply!

    I am new to the experience of using a tech preview, I'm not sure I have the bandwidth to check each week for updates. But I will give it another try.

    Some background that might help what you are doing is that I have having trouble with Chrome in general – on my mac and PC. Constant "oh snap" messages, increasingly slow performance, major issues with company firewalls that are making it hard for me to do my job.

    I am looking for an alternative that eliminates these problems. So I am a user that needs something to work reliably. Chrome used to be this tool and my company tools are based on Chrome integration.

    I may try another browser instead of navigating the tech preview.

    Good luck!

  • Well, if your bandwidth allows, try the most recent snapshot to see if it is better than TP2.

    But I wouldn't yet count on Vivaldi to be "reliable" for work/commercial purposes. "Tech Preview" is variously defined to mean anything from pre-Alpha, to Alpha, to at-best, Beta software. With Vivaldi, it is probably pre-Alpha or Alpha in that many features are still being added. (Beta often means more-or-less feature complete and just debugging.)

    And personally I don't see any distinction between the 2 previous "Tech Previews" and any other Developer build, although the Vivaldi Team is apparently getting close to releasing the next Tech Preview… ...I suppose they must have some milestones in mind, or a certain amount of testing, to reach each "Tech Preview", but certainly so far there has been no reason I am aware of to stay with a Tech Preview after any subsequent Developer snapshot has been released.

    If you're needing to use Chrome-integrated tools, as far as I know, your options for Windows are Google Chrome (of course) or recent Opera builds, or perhaps Iron (although I haven't looked at Iron for a couple years). I'm not up to speed on any possible additional options on Mac.

  • Thank you gdveggie, very helpful. I did not know what a tech preview was, I had a guess, but know it's clear. Cheers to you.

  • You're welcome. πŸ™‚

  • Guys, there are simple workaround for Twitter and Facebook.
    Facebook - Click on the arrow on Facebook's blue ribbon and then select the "Settings" option from the drop-down menu that appears. From there, click on the "Videos" heading on the left side of the Setting menu to find the "Auto-Play Videos" option.
    Twitter - Select the "Settings" option from the user account icon in Twitter's header. The "Video Autoplay" option is located under the Setting menu's "Content" heading.


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