How does Settings, Webpages, Use Tab Zoom Work?

  • I have never understood this feature. Confused

    The dialogue says "Retain zoom level when navigating between websites."

    • On my system it is disabled
    • I have a YouTube Tab open in the current Vivaldi Window and another one detached in its own window on my secondary monitor.
    • When I zoom in or out in either YouTube tab, the page zooms on both monitors.
    • However, the Vivaldi forum tab is not linked to the YouTube Tab on the secondary monitor. If I zoom in or out here, the YouTube tab(s) are not affected.

    If I now enable the Use Tab Zoom setting, the YouTube tabs no longer zoom in harmony, and if I disable the setting again, they still don't harmonise. Confused

  • Tab zoom on = Set one zoom value to use for any site.
    Tab zoom off = Allow to set different zoom values per site (via chromium api, I guess)

    But maybe work this way only with one monitor. (Bug?)
    I don't think you can set different zoom values for same site on different monitors.

    Mine always been off since V made it available this feature.

  • I think you spoke too zoom Smile
    @hadden89 said in How does Settings, Webpages, Use Tab Zoom Work?:

    I don't think you can set different zoom values for same site on different monitors.

    That is happening now, and happens even if both YouTube tabs are tiled on the primary monitor. Detached one again, and still zooms in dependently whether Tab zoom is on or off.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit •Snapshot 1.16.1170.3 (64-bit)

  • @pesala I really don't know if it is a bug, feature or regression.
    This depends on how chromium-vivaldi handle different zoom webpages rescaling 😛 per site on multiple monitor configs.
    You should ask an internal for this.

  • @hadden89 I reported a bug some time ago because it did not seem to work at all. I suspect that it has been closed.

    (VB-37006) Webpage Setting Use Tab Zoom Does Nothing

  • Once an answer is found, it might be worth updating as a canonical reference. Right now it just skips right over explaining that option.

  • @pesala the behaviour is very dependent on the setting when the tabs were created and what settings are changed in between.

    Tested on Vivaldi 1.15.1147.36 Linux (64 bit) and 1.16.1170.3 Windows 10 (64 bit):

    1. with setting disabled, create 2 new tabs on same site
      → zoom level in both tabs synchronized
    2. enable setting
      → linkage is broken, existing and new tabs can be zoomed individually
    3. disable again and create another tab with same site
      → new tab is synchronized to and with zoom levels of one of the existing tabs of same site (not yet able to determine selection logic).

    All in all: Highly confusing.
    From the description setting it is not clear if the synchronization of zoom on same sites is a wanted feature.


    • Do not disable this setting ever (or start with a clean session and keep it disabled).
    • File a bug to request no synchronization at all because it's too confusing (my opinion as well).

  • @becm I don't use sync yet or two monitors.
    Maybe the reason why it (still) works here.
    But yeah.. it's quite unclear its explanation and expected behaviours.

  • @hadden89 try the described workflow, it will break on a default setup (no Vivaldi sync and single monitor) as well.
    The exciting part is to guess which existing tab will get selected in step 3. ☺

    And (with the setting disabled) the zoom level for domains is saved (somewhere in <profile>/Preferences"partition"."per_host_zoom_levels"."x").

  • @becm Use Tab Zoom is disabled, but again I am seeing Zoom synchronised on two YouTube tabs, one on this primary moinitor, and one YouTube tab on the secondary monitor.

    This Vivaldi Forum tabs does not synchronise zoom with the YouTube tab, but it does synchronise zoom with a Vivaldi forum tab on the secondary monitor.

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    @pesala Just checked... VB-37006 did get closed (as invalid) but it might also have been due to to the wording of the bug report.

    I'll point the Vivaldi team to this discussion topic and will try to find out what I can about why they implemented the feature the way that they did. I don't change this option from its default but I was a bit intrigued about the apparent quirkiness that you've all reported.

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    Tab Zoom ON

    Like Opera Presto. The zoom applies on the Tab itself no matter the site you are on, set to 200% and it will stay 200% for any site you access on that tab. It does not affect any other tab.

    Tab Zoom OFF

    Like Chrome. The zoom applies to that webpage address, zoom is saved and always applies on that webpage. If you zoom YouTube 200%, this means that now all YouTube tabs you have and every time you access YouTube it will be 200% zoom.

    I already told the team to not only change the wording but to also modify it into a 2 radio button setting to explain the difference of behaviour, I hope that now with this discussion they see that people don't understand the setting.

  • @an_dz said in How does Settings, Webpages, Use Tab Zoom Work?:

    Tab Zoom OFF

    Yes, unless you enable Tab Zoom, then disable it again. Then the zooming of YouTube tabs is no longer synced.

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    That's a bug already reported. The idea is that you don't change this setting every 5 minutes while using Vivaldi, but choose it and never change it again.

  • @an_dz so the (so far) unbound tabs will be detected and (resized and) synced with the global (saved) site zoom level?
    This would allow to restore Chrome mode for a running session.

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    @becm My explanation is very clear, Presto mode or Chrome mode.

    But as @Pesala has found out zooming and changing modes in the same session can have some weird behaviours.

    As it is you can have Per site + Per tab. Change to Chrome mode and you set per site zoom, go back to Per tab and Per site will work (page will load in saved zoom) but subsequent zooming will be per tab.

    If you want to get rid of any saved zoom open this: chrome://settings/content/zoomLevels

  • @an_dz I'm with you so far, not switching during a session was my suggestion as well (crossed out inconsistent statements, fixed 2 typos).
    The question was if the plan is to add code to track down and reintegrate desynced tabs to allow consistent Crome mode restoration during a session.

    It's not a feature I'd need but this would remove the problem.

    So far only the oldest existing tab (it seems?) is used to set and bound to site zoom (no existing site-specific settings).
    And if that one has no special zoom setting (even if others have), only new tabs are bound to/via (default) site zoom.

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    @becm I don't know what the solution will be or when it will come.


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