Very slow page build and scrolling

  • The first example of hanging and slow and jerky scrolling is on this very forum page but the other is at which opens fine but gets super slow if you click on a story.

  • groingo - I just checked and I cannot duplicate the scrolling problem. I loaded their home page, clicked on several of their stories (some very interesting - a neat site) and scrolled top to bottom. I have 16 tabs open right now.

    What version of Vivaldi are you using and what is your operating system?

    I am using Vivaldi on Win 7. I have 16 gb of ram, but the meter with Vivaldi and seven other programs loaded shows that I am only using 26%. Also, I have six different Vivaldi threads open at this time and I am not experiencing any problems viewing or navigating on any of the open sites.

  • I've tried visiting that site a couple times since you first posted, and even with my piddly 2GB RAM, 32MB on-board graphics 32-bit Win7 system (Vivaldi v1.0.142.32 with no extensions) I can't replicate the problems as you describe them.

    It seems like there is a lot loading on each page at the site, but it mostly seems to load very quickly. The one thing I do notice on most pages I visit on the site is that I often get a brief (maybe 3-8 seconds) hang after it appears the page has mostly loaded, and maybe this is related to what you're describing. (?)

    During the hang, the scroll bar is completely unresponsive, but before and after the hang it is very smooth and crisply responsive. Sometimes I hear some HDD churning during the hang, but not always. I can't be sure, but my impression is that the hang may occur while additional Disqus comments are being loaded. (I say "additional" because some of the comments appear within 2-3 seconds of first clicking on the page, before the hang occurs. On the other hand, after the hang, additional Disqus comments at 20 per click on "More" load almost instantly.) Otherwise, maybe some other sluggish element loading or misbehaving JavaScript during the hang?

    With all that said, I usually have 4-6 Vivaldi forum tabs open, and I frequently find the forum response to be very sluggish, much more than it seems like it should be when going forward or back in the tab history, and especially when submitting a forum post.

  • Have Asus Transformer tablet running 32 bit Win 8.1 2gb system 32 storage running 151.7
    RT behaves similar with most browsers but Vivaldi does stand out, I agree there seems to be a lot going on in the background of RT.

    Will check my GPU and CPU use.


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