Full Screen enhancements -- but no tabs

  • I like the full screen enhancements added to the latest version of Vivaldi; except there is no option to show tabs when in full screen mode which would grant the user to be fully emerged in the browser which can help on reading pages etc.

  • Moderator


    • Set a shortcut for the Tab Bar (or any other toolbar you want to view in fullscreen mode.
    • Enter fullscreen mode (F11)
    • Enable the Tab Bar (e.g. Ctrl+F8)

    0_1525273696371_View Tab Bar.png

    There is no need to show the Address Bar. If you want to enter a URL, focus the Address Field with with Ctrl+L or F8, type the address and go.

    0_1525274665477_Tabs in Fullscreen.png

    Or use the Quick Commands dialogue F2.


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