2 bugs, 1 pic

  • Two bugs in one picture [img]http://oi61.tinypic.com/zojrer.jpg[/img] Both already reported. But this double Vivaldi icon on taskbar is really kind of irritating.

  • Now to think of it I could have shown more bugs in one picture.
    Maybe we should make a contest who can make screenshot with the biggest number of bugs? 🙂

  • I think it might be useful if you highlighted the bugs somehow (e.g. with an arrow).

  • @ Celeblach

    It looks to me like his tab bar is bugged, and there are two icons for Vivaldi on his taskbar (one of them indicates the program is pinned, the other indicates that the browser is open - I have Vivaldi pinned to my taskbar and I'm not seeing this on my end).

  • Moderator

    I think that happens with a standalone install.

  • I got a standalone installation and I do not have a double Vivaldi logo on the taskbar. I have experienced a double logo/icon on the taskbar when I have right clicked and pinned software started from a desktop icon. If I do it from a program started in the Start menu it does not happen. I am using Win 7 64-bit.

  • @Ayespy:

    I think that happens with a standalone install.

    I think it was an old bug, already fixed since a lot of builds.

    The OP should look at the latest snapshot, better if he unpin the icon before the upgrade.

  • Moderator

    Good to know. I ALWAYS pin from an open program, and not from the desktop shortcut, strictly to avoid the double icon on taskbar problem. I did know that didn't work in the past for standalone installations, so it's good to see that has been fixed.

  • Pinning from working app did the trick - but why other pinning methods don't work with Vivaldi? (I've got latest build)

    So now, is there a way to enable Windows 7 style thumbnails in Vivaldi? Because currently it only shows thumbnail for active tab.

  • Given the the presence of tab previews (wrongly named as tooltips in vivaldi settings), the win native ones wold be more confusing than helpful.

  • They would serve different purpose than tab tooltips.
    And Vivaldi tab tooltips are a little buggy at the moment.

  • Whatever…

    I see the multiple previews just in Explorer and Opera 12.

    Opera 11, Opium 30, Firefox 39, Otter, Qupzilla, Vivaldi and even Spartan have a single preview on win taskbar.


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