Vivaldi intermittently stays logged into Google Account between restarts

  • Subject pretty much says it all.

    First, an understanding, when I close all Vivaldi browser windows, I expect my credentialed login to Google Accounts to release, and on next Vivaldi start, I should see that my account is not logged in.

    The most recent update of Vivaldi seems to have fixed ALT-Menu Key drop downs (thank you), but now seeing this issue more frequently.

    Second - To answer "how do I get google to give me the old login option vs the currently forced "always in - always on - account saved" google garbage", I use Chrome UA Spoofer, to tell google accounts that I'm running FF 33, via a user agent string.

    When doing this, google assumes I'm using too old a browser to support their login form, and so gives me the older login prompt, where I get presented the option to put a check mark in "stay logged in" (which I leave unchecked).

    This has worked fairly well for some time, usually without issue, on my other 3 browsers (Pale Moon, Basilisk, Firefox)

    Each time when I've started Vivaldi and see my account logged in, I simply do File menu -> "Exit" and then when I start Vivaldi again, the account is logged out.

    I can reboot my PC .. after using the X to close Vivaldi, and after the reboot, with first starting Vivaldi ... I see Google still thinks I'm logged in. ... file exit . re-start the browser, and then I'm not logged in.

    Its mildly annoying, but the real issue is the security aspect .. if I close my browser, I expect the sessions to drop/timeout, not attach back to my previous login.

    Is there something Vivaldi Teams can look into as to why this is happening?

  • @tg2

    Sorry .. Windows 10 (2018 Spring creators update)

    Vivaldi 1.15.1147.36 (Stable channel) (32-bit)
    Revision 166efd59c7aba158f456fc82eabf5d0dffdc41f5-
    OS Windows
    JavaScript V8
    Flash (Disabled)
    User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/65.0.3325.183 Safari/537.36 Vivaldi/1.96.1147.36

    (fyi .. that's the normal UA, only Google Accounts gets the other)

  • @tg2 if Google ships a cookie without a session flag and a long lifetime it gets reused by design.

    Would be interesting if the other browsers

    • get different cookie parameters
    • are uses with enough time in between for cookies to expire
    • clear cookies on exit (option not set by user for Vivaldi yet)

    Have a look at vivaldi://settings/privacy/COOKIES (and appropriate locations in other browsers) to check.

    From a server standpoint the session is still (kind of) acitve in the last case (and the 1st/2nd on bad design) until a explicit logout is performend or some other condition is triggered (websocket close or some other timeout).


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