How secure is it to access internet over public WiFi ?

  • It is necessary to use a VPN service when you are using public WiFi?

    Otherwise your data may be stolen by hackers. I use Ace VPN to keep my browsing data safe and secure .

  • How secure is it

    Zero, zilch, SFA, nada.

  • If you use HTTPS sites, they can see what sites you access but not your data. If you use HTTP sites, they can see everything.

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    Not at all secure, but if you must... but remember you are ALL ON THE SAME NETWORK so anyone can have a a sniffer on their computer or phone and monitor the entire network!

    I use the belt and suspenders method:

    TAILS does not access your regular OS (unless you expressly give it permission). You can save data (if needed) to the USB then you can Move it over to the system OS when you get home or work.
    Since TAILS is updated monthly (usually) it can be updated on the USB. If you decide to use a DVD to boot from you will have to create a new DVD for each update.
    TAILS is slower than a normal OS so be patient.
    Read all the documentation especially the Warning Page describing the limitations of TAILS.

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