Modifications not getting applied in 1.16?

  • I've installed the first 1.16 release (for Mac) and applied modifications as per usual (place a custom.css in the style folder and reference it in the browser.html file, then restart). However nothing happens.

    Can anyone confirm this?

  • I applied them with script like usual and everything is normal and working. You got an error in your setup. If you want help, you will need to share the contents of your browser.html file and the location of your custom files.

  • By the way, since you are on macOS – this is really helpful:

    You can make such a script executable and then on update you just open your terminal, input the name of the command (in my case upviv) and the script does the rest. Especially useful if you are on snapshot and update regularly, it saves so much time.

  • I installed the latest snapshot and applied modifications and everything works as expected.

  • So it seems some modifications stopped working and others continue working.


    /* Add margin. */
    .extensions-wrapper {
        margin-right: 4px;
        margin-left: 0;
    /* Remove buttons from the address bar. */
    .button-toolbar.home { display: none }

    Not working:

    /* Remove background color from extension buttons in the address bar. */
    .toolbar-addressbar .button-toolbar.browserAction-button,
    .toolbar-mailbar .button-toolbar.browserAction-button { background: none }
    /* Remove bookmarks bar width limitation. */
    .bookmark-bar button {
      max-width: none 
    /* Fix for bookmarks bar button broken border. */
    .bookmark-bar button:focus {
      box-shadow: none

  • @idanadar It's probably more correct to write background-color: transparent; instead of background: none, although they should be doing the same thing in this case – the code also works for me. The bookmark bar thing I can't test, but try adding !important. And the buttons in the bookmark bar don't have a box-shadow anyway. At least I can neither see one in the UI nor when inspecting a button.

  • Adding !important worked. I guess something changed in that aspect between 1.15 and 1.16.

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