Do not Restore Session with Last window Closed

  • This used to be an inherent issue with Chrome too - fact that the browser assumes the latest browser window is the greatest

    Many times we absentmindedly would close the main browser window when there would be a couple other windows lurking around and when we re-open whether after a crash or normal, it assumes that last window opened is EXACTLY what we want ! I have tried numerous addons that promised to alleviate this but none worked.

    Today I was trying to close a pinned tab when for some strange reason V decided I wanted it in a new window and crashed the main one (the options are far and separate for me to have fat-fingered it, but I have no doubt it was user error) - I really dont have an issue with the crashes as it re-opens in a breeze AND auto-loads my pinned tabs!

    Anyway I lost my entire previous session with numerous tabs and its too cumbersome to go through it in history

    Anyway we can have V have a setting where we can say keep window with max tabs as the gold standard while restoring session or make it the default ? The last window opened is the last thing we would want as a restored session !

  • @rojaviv Sigh _ I just lost everything when I had another window open and hit F12 for Dev Tools 😞 Am I the only one sees this as an issue ?

  • @rojaviv said in Do not Restore Session with Last window Closed:

    I have tried numerous addons that promised to alleviate this but none worked.

    Vivaldi session management is fairly bad, lost sessions sooooo many times but Session Buddy extension does a pretty good job. Auto saves all tabs on all windows. Only problem is that for some reason, sometimes, the last autosave can be even couple days old 😃 Usually pretty recently saved sessions though.

  • @shadess haha that would be funny - when you see something from 2 days back...would be confusing as hell

    But then a weird thing happened - and I remember it happening before too - after like an hour, I see another V instance in the background, and it popped right back ! The old session which I wanted!!
    I had been wanting to update the forum but forgot to.

    I doubt V can do much if session handling is done by the Chromium engine and doesnt expose any APIs for it

    And the best part - for me - fortunately it only happens on F12 for Dev Tools (once in 10 times)....gonna remove that key if I can lol

    Done - now must just remember the odd shortcut Ctrl+Shift+I which seems to be the Chrome default (at least V lets us change (some of) the darn weird shortcuts)

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