Combine and Status Bars.

  • Hello Vivaldi Community! After using this browser for some time, I have found it somewhat annoying to have both the Status bar and Menu bar on screen at one time, as it makes using this browser on a laptop somewhat difficult. I am suggesting that there be an option to combine the Status bar and Menu bar into one, to save screen space. Hope to see this feature in the future! Thanks! --xVxM4tthewxVx

  • How can you combine status bar (bottom of the window) and menu bar (top of the window)? Like for real, it's nice that you want to save some space but tell us how you want to combine them. (I see it 1) not possible 2) bad idea since I like as it's now )

    Not speaking about that it just would not fit all in 1 line…

    Maybe just be able to hide status bar or/and make it accessible only when hovered in the place (something like windows bar set to "automatically hide main panel") but please, do not combine it to 1... (sure, only on purpose - setting).

    Anyway, by placing tabs to the right/left you will save more space than these bars are takes and your screen problem is solved 😛

  • If you really want to save space, you can turn off the tab bar and the address bar. I can see wanting to combine the other two bars (the one containing the menu through close buttons, and the status bar) … and come to think of it, perhaps that is his question. But it is not possible currently.


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