Nuova Snapshot 1.16.1170.3

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Si ri-comincia per gli spavaldi che non hanno timore di provare le snapshot. Work begins on 1.16 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.16.1170.3
    Sistemati molti bug e iniziare il cammino verso il prossimo aggiornamento importante.

    [Regression][Win] Alt gestures do not work on web pages (VB-39669)
    [Regression] Duplicate Settings title in native popup (VB-39658)
    [Regression] Notes panel blank after search and reopening panel (VB-39575)
    [Mac] Keychain entry has wrong name (VB-9640)
    [Mac] Graphite window controls more graphite (VB-38243)
    [Mac] Tab Stacking settings checkbox remains ticked (VB-39173)
    [Bookmarks] Saving tabstack with a name as bookmarks doesn’t carry over the name (VB-39426)
    [Dev Tools] Allow for local devtools overrides and other confirm infobars to be proxied to the web side (VB-37858)
    [Download] Download progress rendering (VB-18569)
    [Extensions] Keyboard shortcuts don’t work (VB-14668)
    [History] History Manager “Hide info” tooltip (VB-37537)
    [Keyboard] Add keyboard shortcut handlers to move active tab Left/Right (VB-24572)
    [Keyboard] Esc should close chrome extension (VB-39686)
    [Notes] Select note in markdown mode (VB-39360)
    [Notes] Separators are still visible in sorted view (VB-39745)
    [Search Engine] Add search engine dialog shouldn’t show suggest URL (VB-21970)
    [Search Engine] Default search engine in new window (VB-38657)
    [Search Engine] Ensure search engine protocol (VB-37970)
    [Search Engine] Search URL with certain characters crashes settings (VB-28117)
    [Sync] Input field not aligned in Sync settings (VB-38976)
    [Sync] Notes with empty title are duplicated (VB-35453)
    [Sync] Status icons (VB-39274)
    [Tab] Add tab to stack gives ‘random’ order (VB-5585)
    [Tab] Bring favicon background back to accented tabs (VB-20328)
    [Tab] Tab order in stacks is broken (VB-39604)
    [Tab Bar] Menu icon cut off in native view (VB-39656)
    Download panel not updating in another window (VB-35892)
    Updating CSS filters (VB-38170)

    Con l'occasione ho fatto un profilo pulito, tenuto solo Segnalibri, Cookie e Favicon, tutto il resto impostato a manina, un lavorone.
    Già che c'ero aggiornato anche Windows alla 1803 e aggiornato i driver Radeon alla 18.4.1, vediamo se si ripresentano scremate blu.


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