Accessibility Font Options: Built-in Live CSS Editing

  • I miss the ability to conveniently (and as a default) set all text to bold + custom color for original bold/italic (plus a few more options, see below).

    To make it easier to read normal article text for people gradually loosing eyesight as they get older (50+...), I wish there was an option to turn all text bold, and to avoid loosing the original bold / italic setting, set a custom color for bold/italic.

    This option could be for reader view, but I would also like to use it on normal pages/views. Then I could ditch yet another extension, LIVE CSS editor, which I use to achieve this (but loosing time as it needs to be applied again and again).

    When printing pages which I would then edit/highlight in PDF form, it would be fantastic if those custom font settings would be an option on the printout as well.

    With the Live CSS editor, I generally set my own favourite customizations for the following, which would be great to be able to do with Vivaldi out-of-the-box:

    Change font-family, font-size, font-weight and color for the following tags: h1, h2, h3, p, ul, ol, li, span, strong, em, blockquote.

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    @leeteq Also useful to allow editing of Choose Font for GUI. UI Zoom is not ideal.

  • Illustration of what I do after printing a page with custom CSS, and editing it (highlighting text with yellow color) in a PDF tool. See attached image.
    1_1525254774259_vivaldi_v1-15_tiles_live_css_screenshot.jpg 0_1525254774258_vivaldi_v1-15_tiles_default_text_screenshot.jpg

  • (previous reply continued) Another screenshot: PDF highlighting example after printing to PDF with live CSS for easy reading and nice presentation. Normally I want bold text everywhere in addition to making the text a little larger (bold is most often more important than upping the size for readability, in my opinion...), and then custom colors on what was bold and/or italic originally.
    Screenshot example:


  • Summary of what I normally customize using the Live CSS editor extension to make it easier and more convenient for myself to read and work with lots of text:

    Tags: h1-h3(5?!), p, span, blockquote, li, strong, em.

    Example on CSS values I change for those tags: { font-weight: bold; color: green; font-family: arial; font-size: 12pt; }

    Also related: The print dialogue:

    1. There is often a problem with web pages that override such custom CSS settings in their own manner, such as here with This browser feature should make sure that OUR customizations take presedence not only for viewing the page, but also in printing it when wanting to create a PDF that includes these customizations.

    2. Second related issue with the (chromium-based...) print dialogue is that there is no control over custom headers/footers, and things like ads etc. are often destroying the print, even obscuring/overlaying the first sentence on each page, etc.

  • Finally, a bonus point:

    I am getting to love the TILES feature of Vivaldi. Super practical.
    Then I REALLY need to make them visually different, for example by making every second column/tile use a different background color. Etc. etc. (See my first screenshot above here of the 3 pages tiled beside each other.)

    So that is another reason why we need this type of customization.

  • (Notice one fine point here..: WHY do I want to print to PDF in the first place? a) I need to highlight text in longer pages/documents which I would like to return to later and only read what is highlighted - to save time, AND also, b) I want the possibility to share the highlighted text with others, either privately or in public. That extra step via PDF would be unnecessary if the browser could provide highlights etc. (such as what does, for example), but with LOCAL STORAGE and NO data transferred to or stored outside of the computer. Then we could integrate a send-via-email feature to share with others, and even one that could let us save/share a page in the cloud or the like, but the default must be that we work securely locally by default.)


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