Respectful Request for Ask Me Any Time Cookie Privacy Option

  • I installed Waterfox because Firefox and Pale Moon have eliminated the “Ask Me Every Time” cookie acceptance/rejection option. However, there was a glitch in the browser since the page locks when trying to select a preference in the Confirm Cookie Setting section.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail only to be informed that this was a known issue and that cookie management is being disable as the 56.1.0 update until such time as the developer can fix the problem.

    I would like to make Vivaldi my preferred browser and including the Ask Me Every Time option would provide the incentive to do so.

    I don't understand why this suggestion has to win a "popularity contest" to make it happen, but if that is the case I would appreciate all the Vivaldi user support- and the votes of all forum posters, if that's how the process works- to get it done.

    Privacy disappears when you don't protect it and evidently there is pressure being put on developers to remove this option that poses no threat to those who don't care to use it.

  • You can block all cookies and then allow them on a per-domain basis by clicking the box with the padlock in the address bar and going to cookies.

    It won't prompt you, but that should match what you want.


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