Zoom bug still present in 1.15.1147.36

  • Every so often a page will just show as black, or occasionally you get the dead bird icon as a page crashes.

    Reload solves this.

    Once you reload a black or crashed page, the zoom function, CTRL and + button held together, does not work. It doesn't matter how many times you reload.

    This bug has been present in all Vivaldi versions I tried, there's fewer crashes and black pages, but, still there.

  • I don't see any problem happening on the zoom function. The CTRL and + works well, and i never got the dead bird icon for zooming the page. :0
    For me, it just zooms in and out; and still rolling fine for my Vivaldi Browser.

  • Moderator

    @zunikuu Go to the About page from the help menu. You will see that zoom does not work for internal pages.

    The dead bird page is also an internal page, so maybe this is why zoom does not work after reload.

    Try closing the page and reopening it instead of reloading it.

  • @pesala Did you mentioned the wrong person? 🙂 Because i did not had this problem. :0

  • Moderator

    @zunikuu No. I meant to reply to you. Scrollwheel zoom does not work on internal pages. I suspect that the dead bird page is an internal page.

    Of course, if you don't see a dead bird page, you won't see the problem except on other internal pages.

  • @pesala Oh whoops- Yeah true. Zoom function wont work on About page as i saw it.
    And yeah, i don't have that problem to getting the dead bird on there. 😕


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