High CPU Usage

  • Hello, I just download few days ago 1.15 version. Everything works fine till today. I even restarted my laptop. But when I open browser it instantly use all CPU power and RAM is still growing up. Whole browser just freeze or it's very hard to control it because it's simply laggy.

    Any ideas?

  • Do you use extensions? (With shift+ESC you can check what takes resources)
    Modified some flags or vivaldi settings?
    Try to disable animations (ALT+P) in settings > appearence

  • What take resources is "prehliadač" aka browser or "Stránka na pozadí: Vivaldi" aka Page on background: Vivaldi

    and those two things switch. Sometimes Page on background takes more cpu and after few seconds browser takes about 120 (%?) CPU.

    Since yesterday I didn't changed any settings. And animations are disabled. Because at first time I googled for "youtube take high cpu usage" but then I realised it's not youtube fault.

    alt text

  • Try to browse in private window (CTRL+Shift+N) which "disable" the extensions.
    You could try to disable flash video downloader (some older version could slowdown the browser) and maybe even the adobe acrobat as vivaldi has it own pdf reader in settings (from chromium).
    There are few old thread about twitch-vivaldi bugs, so maybe you'll find some info there.
    Knowing the CPU and the GPU could help (some models could give issues) to understand better which causes this.

  • @hadden89 As I said. Yesterday it was fine. I tried private window. I tried to disable all extension.
    Browser and Page on Background always use the most CPU.

  • I don't know what happened.

    I just try to open browser again. After day. And seems like it's working fine.


    Anyway it works again as before. 🙂

  • @marrecek Who knows, probably the laptop was overheated yesterday or you uninstalled some software from the pc.
    Or an extension update "fixed" the issue.
    Some nasty sites tend to overuse cpu/ram (but ublock should limit them)
    Not really easy to troubleshoot issues.
    Well, it's working now 😛

  • @hadden89
    I guess it was extention update. Because I didn't touch anything. And laptop wasn't overheated for sure 🙂


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