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  • I often save web pages as PDF's and frequently they have page breaks with inopportune placement. I usually have no intention of ever actually printing them out, so how about a paper size option for a PDF with no page breaks, just a continuous scroll?

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  • This post is deleted!

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    @bpeate Why not save the web page as screen shot using the Camera icon in the Status Bar?

  • I often do use page capture, but I was hoping for something with searchable text.

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    @bpeate I edited your first post and deleted the now superfluous replies.

    Print to PDF has page sizes up to A0.

    PDF Printer drivers can use A3 or A2, but that may not be enough for long web pages.

    You could use IrfanView to save multiple PNG images to a single PDF file, which would have all of the pages in one file.

    Open that PDF in PDF-XChange Editor (free version is good enough), then run it through OCR. Not much help if you want to save pages in languages like Russian or Japanese, but OK for English and perhaps some other Roman script languages.

    A quick test with the top ten feature request threads saved to a single PDF file comes in at 3.5 Mbytes as images, but 11 Mbytes after OCR, which was bigger than expected. OCR took a few minutes. Each image is one page in the PDF.

    Download the PDF

  • I appreciate your input. I suppose if I just had a few long web page that I really needed to have saved as text-searchable PDF's, it might be worth doing what you describe. But for any more than an occasional basis, in general that's an awful lot of work to get there.

    BTW, I don't know why you'd need to combine PNG images with IrfanView, you can use page capture to capture the entire web page directly to a single PNG file. I use Screenshot Captor to convert it to PDF.

    Anyway, it just seemed like it would be a relatively easy option to add and would be very convenient then, so I made the suggestion. Until then, I have a number of work-arounds that have done the trick so far, just not as slick as I would like. Thanks anyway.

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    @bpeate said in Print paper size option:

    it just seemed like it would be a relatively easy option to add and would be very convenient

    A common misconception.


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