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  • While installing another standalone version I noticed there is absolutely no information concerning each option during the install. To those who are new to V they have no idea about "advanced" or when selecting the "standalone" install there is a "simple" option. If I have no idea what "simple" means how is a newcomer going to know? Let alone what a "standalone" is?

    What does "simple" mean?

    Explanations would be nice. Nice? No...fantastic would be more like it.

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    @para-noid Press F1 for help and type Standalone

    Standalone Installation of Vivaldi

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    A Vivaldi Standalone is a separate Installation into a folder of your choice (can be in f.ex. your user space, usb stick, other hdd), it uses a own browser profile and does not interfere with other installed Vivaldi.
    Good for testing or running a Snapshot and a Stable side-by-side.

  • I know what a standalone is. I have more than one. In fact I was having issues with my production snapshot so
    I removed all of my other standalones only to find my issue was in the production snapshot. I have no idea as to what is
    causing the issue. Sluggish, not responsive even missing cursor. Sadly the Vivaldi team cannot reproduce my issue. Right now I'm using my Red Label (final release v1.15.1147.36 32 bit).

    Damn, if my production final release is 32 bit and my snapshot is 64 bit I'm wondering if my problem is the 64 bit. Hmmm.
    Going to try the 32 bit snapshot just to see if it is the 64 bit. Only it will be the new v1.16 snapshot.

    Back to my main point...there is no explanation of "simple" during the install at all.

  • My issues were in the 64 bit version of the snapshot.
    Now running v1.16 x32 bit. No problems now.
    Will stick to the 32 bit from now on.


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