v1.15 - Browsing history in address bar is laggy

  • Using Vivaldi for a long time, upgraded to 1.15.1147.36 (Stable channel) (32-bit) a few days ago. Right after upgrade, I noticed address bar became very slow.

    This is what I mean.... When you start typing something (for example, duck) into address bar, Vivaldi only displays a list of addresses that start with duck (like duckduckgo.com, etc.) and hides other entries. Unfortunately, it takes about 2 seconds for v1.15 to apply this filter. If I type duck, it still displays all the records for about 2 seconds, and only then it displays duckduckgo.com

    Tried to completely cleanup cache and other stuff, restarted OS several times, the issue still remains. W7 Pro x64 SP1. It's the first Vivaldi release I experience such issue with.

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    @toxpal Hm. Let me see if I can reproduce on my Win7 X86.

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    @toxpal Can't reproduce it. What is your default search engine, do you have search in the address bar enabled, and do you have "include bookmarks" and/or "always prefer bookmarks" turned on?

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