Preload Startpage Background Image

  • Could you do something about "Preloading" the desktop wallpaper and Vivaldi's Background? everytime you open a new tab while having a large resolution wallpaper (1080p+), you get some kind of lag until the background is fully loaded...

    Can' this phase be done in the background (just for the wallpaper) so that when you open a new tab you don't have to see the background being rendered progressively?

  • Moderator

    @neltherion I moved your post to the Feature Requests.

    I use a small tiled image, so don't see any delay, but if I use the Windows desktop image there is a noticeable delay

  • This is strange... I was having laggy problems with Vivaldi and just noticed if I change the desktop wallpapers to the ones shipped with Vivaldi and then after a while change it back to desktop wallpapers, the delay gets fixed (until it happens again and I have to do it again).

    The delay is felt in these areas:

    • When using a gesture to open a new tab, the gesture registers laggy and slow

    • When pressing Ctrl+T to open a new tab, the shortcut is registered slower than when there is no background wallpaper or using the wallpapers shipped with Vivaldi

  • I noticed Vivaldi seems to do some kind of Preloading for it's own wallpapers + our custom chosen wallpaper but NOT the Windows auto-changing wallpapers...


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